Interim housing – What options do you have?

Relocating to Singapore for work? Planning to settle down in Singapore for the next year or 2? Or perhaps you just need a roof over your head while you look for a new home?

Foresque Residence. Picture: iProperty

What options are there for interim housing in Singapore?

Besides hotels, which can be rather costly in Singapore, what options are out there for those in need of interim housing?

Home-sharing sites such as Airbnb are actively used by numerous tourists and those seeking short-term rentals.

But before the April release of a consultation paper by the relevant authorities, rentals shorter than 3 months are still considered illegal.

But rest assured, there are other options. Serviced apartments are one of the more viable options for those relocating here. These fully-furnished properties allow tenants to move in with literally just their suitcases. These establishments often also come with amenities similar to hotels, such as swimming pools, housekeeping services, fitness centres and 24-hour security.

Having a safe place to rest your head will give you the clarity of mind to look for a longer-term home.

Ready to commit to a year’s rental?

Pending Road. Picture: iProperty

For those displaced by the en bloc process, renting a HDB unit might be most feasible. The minimum rental period is however 6 months.

Empty units means you can bring items from your home with you without having to pay for additional storage space. The relatively bigger floors area in older HDB flats also mean you will be more likely to find a space suitable for your and your family’s needs.

Private condominiums are also available for rent, though the rental costs will be relatively higher. These may suit long-term tenants more than interim renters. And for larger families or those looking for more private space, landed properties are surprisingly affordable. The rent for a landed terrace house may be comparable to a penthouse in a private condominium.

The options are many, but tenants do have to weigh in on their daily needs and consider the possibility that it may take longer than expected to find a place to rent for the long term.