How your home Feng Shui can help to increase work opportunities

Feng Shui is a century old study and practice. In fact, it’s one of the oldest professions in the world. In the simplest way I can tell you, we primarily look at directions, locations and sectors of your home and how the people can benefit from receiving the Position Qi (energy). 

Once you have identified your objectives and goals, then you look for the sector or location of the home and activate the Qi in the area.

The activation itself helps you stimulate Qi and as a result, will bring about position outcomes to that specific area in life such as career, academic pursuits or even The Peach Blossom (that loosely translates to Romance or your likeability factor).

Think of Qi itself as WIFI. It’s already there. All you need to do is to tap into it.

There are two things you need to do here:

1. Measure the Direction of your Main Door

2. Get your house floor plan and segment it into 8 quadrants.

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Step by step guide

1. Whip out your floor plan and box it off to get a perfect rectangle. (Refer to the red line). Then, get the center point of your property (Refer to the red dotted line).

Picture: Joey Yap

2. Stand at the center point (marked x) and use a compass (an app from your phone is also acceptable) to get the direction.

Picture: Joey Yap

3. Segment your floor plan into 8 quadrants as shown below. Mark the respective directions of the house (North, NorthEast, East, and so on).

Picture: Joey Yap


Don’t have house floor plan? Don’t worry, you can DIY it!

You just got to make sure that the floor plan is proportional to the actual property.

Don’t bother adding the balcony or external lifts into the floor plan. Flying Stars chart will only be applicable to the interior of your home.

Click here for more Feng Shui Guide. Article was written by Team Joey Yap.