Going digital – Introducing electronic signature

Paperless, Safe, and Green.

Key updates

Introducing the electronic signature (e-sign) feature that allows you as a customer to sign documents online with iProperty.com.sg, reducing the paper-related inefficiencies.

Now, you can sign on the sales agreements or subscription forms through a laptop, tablet and even mobile anywhere you are. No more matching calendar to find the right time and place to meet up to sign the physical copy. 

How does it work?

Step 1: Receive email from your account manager

Step 2: Click on “Review/Sign the document”

Step 3: Fill up all the mandatory fields and sign.

There are four (4) options to sign on the contract.

  1. Type your name
  2. Draw your signature
  3. Attached an image of your signature
  4. Create your signature on a mobile device

Step 4: Done! Check your inbox for the signed contract.

Not the right person?

If you are not the person in charge, you can click on “click here to delegate” in the email to delegate to the right one.

Once you are on the “Delegate this document” page, field in the relevant individual’s email and the message. Click on the “Delegate” button and the person will be informed via email.

For more information, kindly contact us at +65 6255 4411 or email us [email protected].