Complimentary Photography Service by iProperty

Why is it complimentary?

Good quality photos help users to make better decisions of the listing that they are about to call it “home”. Better visual will naturally generate more interest and more enquiries.  Therefore, iProperty would like to create a better search experience for everyone by providing agents subscribed with our complimentary photography service (worth S$300).

How does it work?

  1. Register your interest in the booking form at least 3 days before your preferred date.
  2. Our photography team will contact you to confirm the location and preferred timing
    (NOTE: The photography team will contact you to confirm the booking within 3 working days)
  3. Photo session takes place
  4. After the session, give us at least 5 working days to process the images
  5. Receive the images from us!

Term of Use

All photos taken by our free photo service are licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY). This means that you can freely use the images sent to you in all your other marketing materials, as long as the watermark is not cropped out or obscured in any way. Agents who abuse these terms will no longer be entitled to our free photography service.

Picture: Nestr

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