Feng Shui 101: A Beginner’s Guide

You’ve probably heard of the competency of Feng Shui, and how good Feng Shui can bring health, harmony, luck and even love to your life. Yet, do you really know what it is?

These days, the term ‘Feng Shui’ has become so overused that many people are confused, and have misconceptions about what Feng Shui really is. Today, let’s debunk some of the popular Feng Shui myths and get our foundation of the subject matter strong.

What is it?

When directly translated, Feng means wind, and Shui means water. At its core, Feng Shui is all about the flow.

A Chinese metaphysical science, Feng Shui focuses on observing, arranging and orientating space in order to attract, harness and sustain the flow of energy or life force.

This flow of energy or life force is known as Qi.

Wind and water are believed to be the direct carriers of Qi – the flow responsible for harmonising us with our living environment through its circulation all around the world. When we have a healthy flow of energy, we can improve our personal and professional lives through a balance of prosperous wealth, good health and other important aspects of a happy life.

3 key factors

In Feng Shui, it is believed that one’s destiny in life is governed by 3 key factors – Heaven Luck, Man Luck and Earth Luck.

1. Heaven Luck

Some call it God’s will, others call it fate. Either way, this refers to our lot in life — what we were born with, and what we cannot change. Much of our lives depend on this chaotic and random set of situations and opportunities that we are given, affecting our life achievements and the eventual paths we take.

2. Man Luck

Change what you can, and accept what you can’t. Man Luck refers to the part of destiny that is within your control. You may steer your own ship through hard work, commitment, faith, and making good decisions.

3. Earth Luck

This refers to the environment you’re in, and your connection with your surroundings. If you’re in a place that is dirty, cluttered or ill-ventilated, your energy and state of being will not be optimal. The physical environment determines the Qi quality of our surroundings.

Through a correct application of Feng Shui, a well-adjusted environment combined with a great attitude to life would definitely help to bring more positive Qi into one’s life. With the Man Luck and Earth Luck complementing each other, you would already have a favourable impact on 2 out of 3 life-governing Lucks!

How Real Feng Shui Works

This is where Feng Shui comes in. In order to positively affect the flow of Qi in the environment and improve your Earth Luck, there are a few measurements that a Feng Shui expert takes.


Firstly, the directions of any auspicious sector in the desired location are determined using an extremely accurate Chinese compass known as the Luo Pan.

Life Force Energy (Qi Level)

This is calculated through a person’s Numerical Significance, a figure determined through the person’s birth date, birth hour, Chinese Astrological Sign and personal Gua number.


When deciding the layout of a property, or even in the construction of the building’s exterior, one should take into consideration favourable and unfavourable effects that will affect positive Qi.

Design by: Distinct Identity. Picture: Nestr

When all these factors are combined, the Feng Shui expert is best able to make recommendations on how to enhance Qi in the environment. Thus, Feng Shui isn’t just some fad or superstition that will magically help make your life better.

It’s a series of careful recommendations to help improve your energy flow that eventually makes you feel more empowered to better your life.

At the end of the day, it is best to note that Qi not only originates from the environment, it also comes from the individual. In order to balance and enhance Qi in one’s home and workspace, the individual plays a huge part.

Remember: it’s all about your energy! Even if you get the best Feng Shui expert to make changes to your environment, it won’t help if you sustain a foul attitude towards your life.

Positive energy attracts positive energy, so think positive – and positive things will naturally happen.

Article was written by Team Joey Yap.