EZiFUND Preview

MORE GLOBAL HOLDINGS PTE LTD is proud to introduce a new affiliate to its list of partners, EZI Enterprise Pte Ltd, which owns the most exciting online property crowd-funding platform, EZiFUND.   

EZiFUND creates a whole new experience for aspiring property investors by facilitating a network between investors and property sponsors or developers online.  Enabling investors to join in the development game and providing huge funding opportunities for property developers and sponsors.

In the past, the astronomical profits and returns achieved by property developers were unreachable to those lacking millions of dollars to conduct such activities.  Besides the barriers of entry, the long process of development required huge amount of expertise in development, assets & financial management.  Therefore, property development has always been a game of the privileged few. 

An average property investor will be opened to opportunities only after the property is released in the market place.  Even so, the investor will have to be prepared to offer a substantial sum of money on top of leveraging from financial institutions.  The investors’ profit will be determined by his acumen to sell at the right time, at the right price, to reap the maximum profits.  With the interventions on financial credit approvals, securing loans to support property ownership has also been a growing challenge, limiting the opportunities for investors.  

Today, EZiFUND breaks the conventional method and open new doors to property investors by allowing them to become a co-developer and reap the very same amazing returns by crowdfunding the development funds. By providing transparency in costs of development and risk analysis to the investment process, the platform allows investors to fund projects according to their appetite of risks and most important of all…. at their comfortable budget, without further liabilities.  Property investment is made easy as profitability table and financial components are made transparent to the investors. 

EZiFUND aims to provide the best convenience to its investors while facilitating them to achieve the highest Return on Investment (ROI).  This is because at EZiFUND, we understand investor’s needs & concerns, and their challenges to maximize the returns from their limited capital.. EZiFUND was designed to address these wishes, unlike other property crowd-funding platforms, which pays investors a standard ROI irregardless of profits earned. Our revolutionary model offers a share of the profits through a three-tier payout system, meaning… Investors earn while the development earn… the possibilities are unlimited…

X + Y + Z – As much as 70% on investment

X – Your Guaranteed Returns

The X component is what we promise to investors regardless of the performance of the project(s). Unlike most other guaranteed returns which are credited only at the end of each period, we credit with X on a daily basis. 

Y – Your Share of Our Profits

The Y component is an investor’s shares of the profits earn from the investment, and hence varies based on the performance of the project(s). Y tells you that you are our valued partner in the business – as the development grow, so do the investor! 

Z – Your Growth is Our Goal

The Z component is Bonus Virtual dollars to claim for exclusive launches, special discounts for future projects as well as tickets to investment seminars & networking sessions.

EZiFUND is supported by a group of experts and specialists who are well versed in the property markets around the world.  They have a track record of project development, investment research and analysis, and successful investments portfolios for properties in Asia as well as the international markets.  

One of its supporter, Mr Shawn Tan, Group CEO and founder of MORE GLOBAL HOLDINGS PTE LTD, is a veteran in the local and regional property market.  Mr Tan is also an experienced investor himself in sporting projects with high capital appreciation.  His 15 years of experience in the property market has given him great insights in the outlook of upcoming market trends and demands.  Thus, allowing MORE GLOBAL HOLDINGS to reap profits for its investors in their property investments.  With MORE GLOBAL HOLDINGS’s participation in providing inventories to EZIFUND, there is lots of exciting profits to look forward to.  MORE GLOBAL HOLDINGS’S network of contacts amongst valuers, bankers, lawyers and high networth investors will also add tremendous value to the EZiFUND.

EZiFUND will also collaborate with DP World Sdn Bhd, another property investment conglomerate based in Malaysia, in its activities and offline campaigns for Asia Pacific.  DP World has been funding projects in Malaysia and Asia.  Primarily involved in property investments, DP WORLD has a huge network of property investors and developers in Asia.  Leading the company is Dato’ Sri Chew who is well renowned in the construction and development arena in Malaysia.   He is an experienced property developer and consultant to many investment bodies in Malaysia.  DP World’s connection in Malaysia, China and other parts of Asia will bring EZiFUND to greater heights.

Kick starting the investment journey of EZiFUND with EZI Enterprise will be My Fortune Resources (MFR) Sdn Bhd, who is injecting a sum of USD800,000 as shareholding investment.  MFR, is an investment company who scouts opportunities in various different property instruments such as Gold mining systems, virtual currency system.   MFR is exploring into development and project investments in the region. Its new ventures in the pipeline from Thailand, Cambodia & Malaysia will amount to total Gross Development Value of up to US$25million, which eventually will be placed as inventories on EZiFUND as well.   MFR is confident that EZiFUND will reap results and add value to its shareholder’s investment portfolio.  MFR has expressed interest to increase its investment to EZiFUND up to USD5,000,000 once the system picks up. Their participation to EZiFUND is a ultimate booster to EZiFUND’s formation and establishment of its profit generating mission.


More Global Holdings is a property investment company who offer its investors its investors the opportunity to invest based on their investment appetite, risk profile & market interest.  The company and its affiliates offers seamless end to end services including design development, project management, sales and marketing activities to ensure timely return on investments to their clients.  The main objective is to maximize return on capital within a stated timeline.  The company is driven by its CEO and founder, Mr Shawn Tan, who has more than 15 years of experience in the real estate industry. Mr Tan is a renowned figure in Singapore’s real estate industry and his opinions are constantly seeked, pertaining to the real estate updates and development of Singapore and the region. Find out more at www.more.com.sg 


Headquartered in Malaysia, DP World aims to be one of the largest real estate companies that specialises in the development of residential, commercial and hospitality projects, as well as the provision of professional property management services. Leveraging on the experience and extensive industrial network of the management team, the company is well-equipped with design, development and operational capabilities to develop high quality real estate projects.

DP World has been attributed to its strong belief in creating global communities through the delivery of high quality products and contemporary green neighborhoods. We will remain focus in this principle in the future to create value for our customers and stakeholders.

Its CEO, Dato’ Sri Chew Han Ching, is a well-respected name in the construction & property development sector in Malaysia. Started his career as a civil engineer in 1978, his reputation is further fortified by his success in leading several public listed companies. Throughout his glorious career, he has held senior positions in the following companies, which are listed in the Main Market of Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE)

Dato’ Sri Chew Han Ching remains a highly sought after leader for his vast experience in the domain of engineering consultation, project management, property development and infrastructure construction. On top of the technical expertise aforementioned, he is also highly valued for his business acumen in handling corporate exercises including IPO, merger & acquisition, reverse takeover and corporate turnaround scheme. Find out more at mydpworld.com.

My Fortune Resources

My Fortune Resources (MFR) Sdn Bhd is an international financial and investment institution and asset management company. Having vast experience in the financial sector, MFR is also principally engaged in investments involving innovation project, real estate, mining and internet banking. In 2015, MFR began an in-depth study on digital currency trends which involves investing large sums of money into its next generation digital currency Cubecoin and promoting its global mining hosting business. MFR’s technical management team hails from Australia, Finland, Singapore, USA and Hong Kong.

DP World Sdn Bhd, the parent company of MFR, is a leading real estate investment and development company, founded by Dato’ Sri Chew Han Ching. With strong financial background, DP World owns a number of subsidiaries and has expanded its business to the United States, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and other regions. MFR has yielded great results in the field of mining investment and real estate investment. Find out more at www.mfresource.co 

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