Expert Eye: Jurong West

Despite being considered a mature estate, Jurong West has been consistently seeing low prices.

( A false impression of Jurong West is that it is an industrial estate. Image courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board.)

Like the estates of East Coast, Jurong West is extremely far away from central Singapore. However, unlike East Coast, the area doesn’t have a beach to provide recreational activities and excellent sea views. Add that to its lack of attractions and it is hardly surprising that the average price per sq ft (psf) for homes in Jurong West is consistently and significantly lower than the average psf for all HDB flats in Singapore.

Jurong West has also been tagged with the false impression that it is an industrial estate (due to its proximity to the Jurong Industrial Estate and Jurong Island), which may contribute to its lack of popularity among home seekers.

Increases in housing supply in areas surrounding Jurong West – and even overseas – is also a factor. An example is BTO project Boon Lay Fields, and the condominium-style residences at Iskandar Malaysia (the development region in Johor Bahru, Malaysia formerly known as the Iskandar Development Region) which will lower demand for Jurong West housing – and consequently, its prices.

This may be why, despite the fluctuations over the year, median resale price of Jurong West units still have yet to reach the average, much less surpass it.

However, there are a few factors that may contribute to a possible rise in Jurong West prices. With the presence of shopping malls Jurong Point and IMM, improved MRT lines and stations in the area (as seen in Jurong East MRT) as well as a growing need to get away from the bustle of the city, the future of Jurong West seems to outshine its track record, as suggested by the median COV.

As of April 2011, figures for Jurong West sales are as follows.

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