ERA Agents Empowered with Super Tech for Advanced Leads Generation

SINGAPORE – In light of a global market downturn, ERA Realty Network (ERA) is stepping up to mitigate its salespersons’ costs by removing obstacles hindering their efficiency and productivity.

The industry leader has developed free digital tools for it’s over 6,900-strong network; driving the growth of the agency for the remaining half of the year.

These tools were unveiled at the agency’s Q3’19 Career Advancement Day, a quarterly conference held to recognise ERA top leaders and producers.

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Transforming in-house virtual office into a lead-generating machine

ERA has developed a lead generation tool that would enable its salespersons to cut through the clutter and gain valuable information on potential sellers.

It will be pulling statistics from multiple data points such as Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and Housing and Development Board (HDB); generating big data into strategic reports that are useful and tangible for its salespersons.

Accessed via the agency’s internal iERA mobile application, currently, in its seventh version, ERA salespersons can generate lists of past profitable transactions by filtering data, based on set criteria such as dates, districts, types of development, profitable transaction count and minimum profit percentage etc., anytime anywhere.

In its first phase, the lead generation tool is able to generate business leads for these key target groups of sellers:

  • Resale condominium owners, who are sitting on profit
  • Owners of Built-to-order (BTO) projects nearing Minimum Occupation Period (MOP)
  • Owners of Executive Condominiums (EC) nearing Minimum Occupation Period (MOP)
  • Owners of condominiums that have hit Temporary Occupation Period (TOP)
  • Profitable Resales

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Optimisation of Resources: ERA “Tagger On-Demand”

In the same vein, the agency revealed another digital initiative for their salespersons to facilitate their work processes.

Introducing ERA “Tagger On-Demand”, an in-app tool that allows salespersons to request for the presence of project specialists at respective show flats, just by the click of a button.

This is a far cry from the traditional way of reaching out to project specialists by phone calls and text messages.

Besides improving the agency’s efficiency, the implementation of this tag team system in ERA also ties back to their commitment to strengthen the bonds between its salespersons, as well as promoting a sense of togetherness and teamwork in the organisation.

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Investment in Predictive AI and PropTech Start-up, UrbanZoom

The million-dollar strategic collaboration between APAC Realty and UrbanZoom provides real-time and precise residential market data, which is now available to all ERA salespersons.

UrbanZoom utilises a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to analyse millions of data points derived from regulatory, industry and other public sources. With the report, you can predict the following:

  • Home value
  • Home’s price history
  • Home’s valuation in comparison to all homes and HDBs in Singapore
  • Probability of sale price versus the expected time to sell
  • Overview of home transactions in the neighbourhood
  • Comprehensive sales transaction analysis by HDB index, median HDB prices between two neighbourhoods, number of sales in the neighbourhood, the latest rental transactions in the building by floor range, and the latest rental transactions in nearby neighbourhoods

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