Crazy Rich Singapore: Homes for Living the High Life

Crazy Rich Asians certainly put a spotlight onto Singapore, and while a good 99% of us don’t live like the people in the movie, there are certainly a multitude of homes suited to the Crazy Rich lifestyle in Singapore.

Reignwood Hamilton Scotts

If you want ridiculous, you have to start at the 56 unit Reignwood Hamilton Scotts development.

Why? Well, imagine being the only people to park your exotic supercar in the Sky.

That’s what owning an apartment at this development nets you: An en-suite “Sky Garage” which receives your car on the first floor, then delivers and parks it into the en-suite garage in your apartment.

Want to buy a home in this development? Asking prices start at $7 million, but for Orchard’s largest penthouse, expect to shell out money in the region of $75 million.

Wallich Residences Penthouse

This is the mother of all Penthouses: A 21,108 sq ft, three storey penthouse on the top of Tanjong Pagar Centre, right in the middle of Singapore’s CBD. It’s so big, they call it a Super Penthouse.

Penthouse pool, Wallich Residence.

Why is it crazy? Because the penthouse itself has its very own built-in swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna on the top floor, with the 62nd-floor houses a private garden.

Want this crazy rich style of living? Then be ready to drop a cool $108 million on it!

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Queen Astrid Park

If you’re crazy rich, you need a Good Class Bungalow that lives up to that label. We’ve got you covered with one of the most insane GCBs in Singapore.

The Queen Astrid Park is a new 27,000 sq ft development built in a colonial-inspired style. Its location in the much-coveted 6th Avenue area adds to the prestige, but the real excitement comes when you look at the floor plan. The huge premises include a swimming pool that is accessible from the living area, an entire section set aside for alfresco lounging, and even an entire area dedicated to a gym.

This GCB isn’t as expensive as the first two, but the $60 million price tag is no slouch either!

The Harbour View House

69 Ocean, Landed Property

When we talk about crazy rich dwellings, we have to talk about Sentosa Cove.

If we’re talking about Sentosa Cove, then the inevitable mention of The Harbour View House will occur. It’s no surprise, considering that this 12,500 sq ft behemoth has two floors, spread over TWO wings. Luxury fittings and furnishings aside, the house is positioned to overlook the harbourfront area, so you can take in the sights while soaking in the infinity pool or lounging in the living area.

The $78 million price tag is staggering, but so are the sights.

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Crazy Ridiculous Singapore

There are many more multi-million dollar homes in Singapore, and those were just some of the most luxurious and well-fitted ones!

Having these developments in the country are par for the course, especially with Singapore’s status as one of the world’s financial centres. As more of such cool new developments spring up, we’ll definitely see more crazy home features and insane price tags.

Now quit dreaming, and get back to hustling! Maybe you’ll end up as an owner of one of these amazing properties in the coming years.