Clementi: The West’s Residential Star Keeps Rising

Towns in the West of Singapore keep getting overshadowed by Jurong’s size and the government’s incessant focus on the town’s development.

While we are not saying that Jurong is not a great place to live and play in, we think that Clementi is the less mentioned neighbour that deserves a lot more credit for its residential property and liveability.

BTO Boom

Clementi NorthArc. Picture: HDB

In recent years, Clementi has been the focus of multiple BTO projects, with February 2017’s BTO launch of both Clementi NorthArc and being one of the largest at 1600 units being made available and subsequently snapped up.

There has been at least 1 BTO project every year for Clementi, and this has added a lot more availability and focus onto the area. With these projects will come amenities to the already well-supported Clementi neighbourhood, in the form of an additional supermarket, eating places and even a childcare centre.

Sunset Way En-Bloc

Brookvale Park

On the private property front, Clementi is also buzzing. Some of you might have heard about the en-bloc action in Clementi’s iconic Sunset Way. Brookvale Park’s residents have recently voted to put the entire Condo up for a bid at En-bloc glory, with a minimum bid price of $530 million. Clementi’s Sunset Way is a rather exclusive and well-loved place, so this could end up in a bidding war.

The only thing that might put this en-bloc fire out is new government requirements for potential En-Bloc buyers to perform feasibility studies on traffic in the area, on the assumption that they would be significantly increasing the human load in the area.

This would be entirely possible in the case of Brookvale park, as it is reported that the new development would double the amount of floor space from 373,008 square feet to around 656,494 square feet.

This would mean a larger number of units, and more people in the area. The strain on the existing neighbourhood traffic network could cause potential congestion and inconvenience existing residents and businesses.

New Private Housing Coming

Old property aside, we also find it interesting that a number of private developers have jumped into the area with new residential projects.

West Coast Vale’s Parc Rivera project is one such development. The 752 unit condominium is only a few minutes by car to Clementi Central and boasts a view of Pandan Reservoir. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the development is also pretty near the upcoming Jurong Business District. Sales have been brisk so far, with all of the 2 and 3 bedroom units snapped up, and a good number of 4 bedroom units already taken.

UOL’s The Clement Canopy plot sits right opposite the International Community School, a prime spot just 900m away from Clementi MRT. This is further sweetened by the fact that the condo is 12 minutes drive away from the CBD, and within walking distance from West Coast Plaza. The 505 unit project is already almost fully sold, so we know that that is some serious demand in the area for such projects.

Students welcome!

SIM University. Picture: SIM

We love it that the area is home to an entire set of educational institutions like Ngee Ann Poly, Singapore Poly, SIM University and NUS High School of Science and Math. This proximity to all these educational centres mean a larger probability of rentals from student or families who have members who attend classes in these institutions.

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For foreign students attending these Universities and Polytechnics, this is a viable option if they combine resources and stay in an apartment in the area as it is supremely convenient for them. Amenities are a stone’s throw away, and there are direct buses to and from school.

A rising star of the west

From all that has been discussed, you can tell that the residential situation in the West of Singapore is way more diverse than just mainstream options in Jurong. Clementi might not be the next Central Business District, but if you think just a little, you’ll realise that it’s always good to stay just outside of a Business District.


It also doesn’t hurt that The Clementi Mall and Cityvibes house necessities for residents in the area. Throw in a central hawker centre and plenty of satellite shopping options, and Clementi is a great place to stay.

Clementi Polyclinic

As a sweetener, Clementi has more than enough amenities and housing options, so there’s a real variety from both private and public residential projects. When it comes to residential options in the west, Clementi is a rising star that cannot be ignored.