Bigger is better – Jumbo HDB Flats

When it comes to HDB flats, sometimes size does matter. To some buyers. Coined “Jumbo flats”, these larger-sized HDB flats were launched in a once-off exercise in 1989. Needless to say, there are very limited number of these in the market. Only 2,900 islandwide to be exact.

What is a Jumbo Flat?

A Jumbo HDB flat is created by knocking down the wall between two adjacent 3-room and 4-room HDB flats. It was an effort by the government to clear the inventory of unsold 3- and 4-room HDB flats in 1989. Most of these flats are in Woodlands, with the rest in Yishun, Jurong East, Bedok, and Tampines. Of late, the popularity of these large-sized units has gained traction.

Jumbo HDB Flat floorplan

HDB Multi-Generation Home. Photo: HDB

Most of the buyers seeking out these rare units are multi-generational families. They do not, however, come cheap. These larger-sized units command a premium with prices starting from $650,000. Some buyers are even willing to pay close to a $1million for these HDB flats. Flat sizes range between 147 sq m to 199 sq m. New 4-room HDB flats are usually measured around 80 to 90 sqm.

How much does a Jumbo flat cost?

Taking a 5-room HDB flat in Woodlands as a comparison, a Jumbo Flat could cost almost twice as much. The size of the 5-room flat is approximately 110 sq m and costs in the average of $450,000. Families who choose to live these Jumbo Flats enjoy the space they provide and they often serve as a central place for the family to gather.