Avoid doing these at home during the Hungry Ghost Festival

The 7th months of the Lunar calendar bring stories of unruly spirits and malevolent beings. Stories of apparitions fill the night, and cautionary tales are spun by elders to warn us from offending spirits set free from hell for this month.

The property market is not immune to the stories that seem to come alive during this time. Here are some of the most important things you should take note of during the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Avoid renovations during this period

HDB unit in Kim Keat Avenue 22. Picture: iProperty

The legends say that the noise of renovation attracts spirits to the empty home, which means that they will stick around even after the renovation is over. If there are existing spirits already in the home, changes in layouts or adjustments to the space will make them angry.

Many homeowners tend to wait out the period, often doing research during the 7th month before proceeding with renovation once the Hungry Ghost Festival is over.

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Avoid hanging clothes out to dry overnight

The story goes that ghosts see this as an opportunity to try on clothes.

HDB in 18 Eunos Crescent. Picture: iProperty

Yes, your clothes. If they get attached to your very nice T-shirt, they’ll wreak all sorts of havoc to keep you from having it. Gravity has no power over spirits, so this applies even if you’re living on the 12th floor.

Luckily for you, the clothes dryer is a real-life innovation that will keep these fashion-conscious spirits away from you in a pinch.

Don’t open umbrellas in your home

This sounds like the other old-wives tale about having bad luck if you open an umbrella indoors, except this one says that it’s even worse if said umbrella is red.

Now, the “logic” behind this is that spirits will see an open umbrella as an invitation to “take shelter”. Therefore, opening an umbrella in your home is like inviting them to take shelter within your abode.

Keep a Peachwood sword handy

Peachwood swords are mentioned abundantly in the Taoist religion for good reason. These long, wooden implements are supposedly the go-to weapons of the Taoist exorcist. It’s for this reason that having one in your home, especially at the door, would scare off any evil spirits that are looking to cause trouble.

If you’re looking for a particularly powerful type of peach wood sword, it is said that the swords made from the Jiangxi province’s Longhu Mountain are the supreme.

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Delay moving into an office or home

We’re told that moving into an office or home during the 7th Lunar month is a sure way to attract bad luck.

Moreover, having a launch or housewarming during this period is considered a form of welcome for unwanted spirits, who might stay permanently after the celebrations are over.

Tiong Bahru. Picture: iProperty

Believe it, or not?

Whether you’re a completely rational human being, or steeped in superstition, it’s almost always better to err on the side of caution. Remember not to stay out late and be careful when you’re having a swim.

Stay safe, and ghost-free!