September 2019 BTO – What We Know So Far

The September 2019 BTO presents buyers with only 2 choices: A home in a rapidly developing Punggol or abode in the bustling developed Tampines.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at the upcoming projects in both zones, and give you a quick break down on everything you need to know about this slate of BTOs.


The upcoming BTO development in Punggol is massive and placed in a unique spot in this new town.

Map of Punggol BTO in Sep 2019. Picture: HDB

The project will add 2710 units into the area and will be roughly split in half by New Punggol Road and partially ringed by Northshore Drive.

The project site is also unique, with the estate to be placed right on the northeast coast of Singapore, affording residents a waterfront view.

However, the project is not as centrally located as some of the other BTO projects previously built-in Punggol.

Punggol Digital District. Picture: JTC

While there isn’t a lot going for it at the moment, the upcoming Punggol Coast MRT station will be situated close to this project, and Punggol’s planned Digital District will be coming up in the coming years as well.

As you would expect, prices in this neighbourhood are expected to be lower than Tampines’.

While we do not have the prices, previous BTOs have pegged prices as follows:

2-room: Starting at $103,000
3-room: Starting at $188,000
4-room: Starting at $286,000
5-room: Starting at $393,000

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Tampines’ development will be much smaller, and we see similarities between this project and the one in Punggol.

Map of Tampines BTO in Sep 2019. Picture: HDB

At only 640 units of 4- and 5-room units, this development will sit close to the tranquil border of Tampines and Pasir Ris.

This project is placed in a convenient location, with a 24-hour Giant supermarket, an IKEA as well as a Courts superstore right next to it.

While residents will not be placed near Tampines Central, both Pasir Ris and Tampines MRT stations are just a bus ride away.

Additionally, while there isn’t much happening in this area at the moment, the planned Tampines North MRT will be located nearby.

Tampines’ mature estate label means higher prices, and while the location is not as central as some of the other previous developments in Tampines, it is still worth examining if you believe that Tampines will continue to develop.

Prices haven’t been released, but previous BTOs have pegged prices as follows:

4-room: Starting at $352,000
5-room: Starting at $472,000

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September BTOs – homes for the future

On the surface, September’s release slate for BTOs is not as viable as earlier releases.

They’re far from town centres and have less public transport access built around them. However, if you believe that both Punggol and Tampines are primed for further development, then these BTOs are worth considering.

Both projects have MRT stations planned nearby, and there are more commercial and residential developments coming up nearby.

If you’re looking at homes in places that will be bustling in the future, September’s BTO project is well worth considering.

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