Amenities that can give your property a value-boost

You may have heard of properties in previously-unpopular locations, bought for a song a few decades ago, which are now worth many times their original prices. Were these purchases based on pure luck or was deliberate thought put into it?

Spotting en bloc potential in long-term investment

While investing in property could be one of the more lucrative means of investment in land-scarce Singapore, knowing what to look out for when choosing one is crucial. With the recent rise in en bloc sales, many buyers may be looking for older low-rise properties,

Picture: Redbrick

Location is key and those situated near MRT stations, or upcoming ones, will be worth more than one look. The availability of schools nearby could also be a plus point as many families are known to move when their children are nearing the school-going age, to qualify for higher opportunities of entering the school of their choice. To enter a school, the child must live at a declared address for at least 30 months.

And even if the property does not sale for a desired profit margin, rental yields might be the other way to go around making your property work for you. Tenants are often particular about the proximity to transport.

Intangible factors could add a premium to market value

On top of the basic per square footage comparison, some other more intangible factors may also play a part in determining how much of a premium can be placed on a unit.

Jalan Peri Burong. Picture: iProperty

Landed homes could command a premium for their location and size, though some buyers may be concerned about maintenance. Unblocked views are a considerable boon as they often add a relaxed atmosphere or charm to a unit. Experienced investors may also pay particular attention to properties which owners are in a hurry to let go of.

As market buoyancy, property-demand rising, and relatively low-interest rates, some analysts expect the status quo to be present for the next few years.

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