A Facelift – to the Tune of $90 million – for Whampoa Area

Over the next five years, the one square kilometre of area that makes up the flats and environs of Whampoa will undergo significant transformations. The slightly aged zone will receive $90 million worth of government upgrades to modernise it.

( The southern constituency is set to shoot up in terms of property prices. Image courtesy of Credit Vision)

For example, flat blocks on Jalan Bahagia and Whampoa Drive will be upgraded, and the surrounding footpaths will be spruced up too. Last month saw the boundaries of surrounding constituencies change, resulting in Whampoa becoming a single-member constituency. As a result, residences in Jalan Rajah and Towner Road, which used to be part of Tanjong Pagar GRC and Jalan Besar GRC, now form part of Whampoa, and will also see improvement works.

The ageing bus terminal which services the area, built in 1983, will also be improved, with barrier-free access facilities added to cater to the large number of elderly residents nearby.

In a meeting with his constituents, held during a walking tour of the zone, Mr. Heng Chee How, MP for the area, explained that Whampoa’s funds came under part of the $460 million allocated for the Jalan Besar GRC. Discussing residents’ concerns of accessibility and a lack of nearby MRT with reporters during the tour, Mr. Heng Chee How urged people to view things in from a rational outlook. “All of Whampoa spans an area of one square kilometre. We are at the centre of many things, so we must also see how to better make use of the surrounding developments.”

Another gentrification plan has just finished in the neighbourhood, with new riverside facilities recently opened in Sungei Whampoa. The $2.2 million plan, part of the Active, Beautiful and Clean Waters Programme, will let residents enjoy lookout decks and gardens that serve as community spaces.