7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Renovating Your Home

No matter how physically beautiful our house is, there will come a time when we get bored with it and start entertaining thoughts in our heads on how we can make changes to it.

No matter how functional our space is, there will come a time that it has to change in order to cater to more activities as the family grows and develops. No matter the reason, there will come a time that your home would require some form of renovation works.

Renovations can solicit wrinkles on the forehead for most people, even for you. It can be very stressful, laborious, and time-consuming. Days of seemingly endless hammering, tiling, painting, and waiting is an excruciating though.

However, renovations can also be very fun and exciting, especially when it is properly thought of and planned.

So before you make some decisions, here are some important questions you need to ask yourself before renovating your home.

1. How much can I spend on my renovations?

Cost is the first and foremost consideration.

How much are you willing to spend to get the job done right? Are you hiring an interior designer? How much is the maximum budget you can allocate?

Before you can work out the new designs and go shopping, you need to figure out first how much you can afford. This includes material costs, labour fees, and overhead costs.

Make sure you include both the baseline and the ceiling amounts in your computations.

If you are hiring an ID, carefully draft a budget with him and stick with it. If you do not have the money saved, determine how much you need to borrow and figure out if it is wise to invest that money back into the house. This is particularly important if you are renovating the house before selling.

2. Do I need an interior designer?

Living room, Emerald Park. Picture: iProperty

The answer depends on the scale of works involved. If it is only very minor renovation, you can opt for DIY.

Though it may be possible to do some renovation works yourself or you may even manage contractors yourself for minor projects, there are jobs that need to be performed by licensed professionals, especially plumbing and electrical works.

Make sure you also get multiple quotes from different companies so you have several options

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3. Do I need permission?

It may be your house and your rules but if you are living in a condominium, it is possible that you have to secure permits first. These pertain to certain design restrictions in the unit and work-hour ordinances, so you need to write to your board or MCST for approval.

The regulations can significantly affect your budget and schedule. If you are an independent homeowner, determine if there are limits on expansion.

4. What’s the pay schedule?

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Whether you hire an interior designer or work directly with contractors, it is important to work out the pay schedule right in the beginning.

Usually, it is customary to pay a deposit of the total cost upfront, in the middle of the work, and the final instalment upon completion of the project. However, your arrangement is, be sure to settle the payment schedule with your men before starting any real work.

5. Who is on the team?

Decide how many people you will hire for the renovation project.

Practically, you need the daily headcount to factor out in your budget and timeline expectations.

Make sure you thoroughly discuss the arrangements with your men. Similarly, make sure they properly understand house rules, such as how and where to dispose their waste, which bathroom to use, and which areas are off-limits.

6. Are you ready for the inconveniences during the renovation?

This is something you need to assess very well since this can strain your budget. While renovation works are going on, some spaces will not be available for several days.

Wet Kitchen, 3 Bedroom Deluxe, JadeScape. Picture: iProperty

If the kitchen is being updated, you might be forced into buying lunches and dinner. If major renovations of the entire house are to be done, you might have to live elsewhere, like in a hotel, for a while.

It is crucial to consider this question as it implies that you need to take care of extra expenses.

7. What documents should I expect to receive?

Particularly when you are hiring a professional contractor, you will definitely receive contracts, plans, and paperwork upon the completion of the renovation. Ask your contractor for warranty and care instructions for any appliances, machinery, and installation work, including photos and serial numbers.

Indeed, renovation projects can be very stressful and demanding. However, careful consideration of the points stated earlier will prepare you with the responsibilities and tasks required for the project to be successful.

This article was first published in Property Quotient.