Many doomsayers are predicting that something similar to the 1996 anti-speculation curb measures will take place soon. That is, if the property bull-run blunts Singapore's competitiveness.

However, other don't think so. They argued that the arrivals of foreign talent and high net-worth individuals were a result of the government's announcement of the building of the two mega-integrated resorts which incorporate a casino each. Pricking the bubble and causing a crash may not sound very welcoming to the foreign investors.

As it is, speculation is not as rife as the 1995-1996 periods yet.

Lenders may be forced to be more stringent in giving out housing loan; and the deferred payment schemes extended by developers may also be axed. Taxing sub-selling deals may also be a possibility if speculation gets out-of-hand.

Edited by Sam Gian
(Singapore's Independent Real Estate Trainer & Consultant)

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