Even in the smallest HDB flats you can still optimise the interior design trends set to storm this year. Actually, this year small is the new big! This year interior designers are suggesting that for those who are craving the look and feel of a new Singapore property without the cost will benefit from having the smaller homes.

(It's not for every home, but funky modern lighting can create a bold new dynamic in your living space. Image courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board.)

The creation of large multi-purpose rooms from smaller divided ones is the top design theme for this year. In an interview with the Business Times, Cameron Woo, principal designer of Cameron Woo Design, calls these creations the ‘great room’ concept: a large entertainment space where dining, cooking, meeting and recreation are combined.

The new trends are obsessed with creating new mixes and surprises within your home. Joann Ang, design director at Designed Design Associates, believes “it’s ‘eclecticism with discipline’ – mixing anything in an unexpected manner and creating a tasteful blend that is elegant and sophisticated”.

(Carvaggio home's scream modern decadence.)

One tip for creating this eclectic feel in your house is merging new textiles with those that are vintage or antique. For example, covering an old colonial wooden chair with modern material will let the warmth of old juxtapose with an edge of modernity.

However, as much as we might pay interior designers for their ideas, the professionals still retain that more and more customers are creating their own. Most homeowners wish for their homes to become an extension of themselves.

(The adjustable desk from Danish Designs / Upfront Living is both stylish and functional.)

The increasingly popular idea of self-directed design, allows the designers and customers to work as more of a partnership; where individual personalities meet years of experience to create a space that is distinctive to its inhabitants.

Combine these two key interior design ideas (multi-purpose room and self-directed design) and you can turn small rooms into real living spaces that burst with personality and usability.

Defragmenting your home enables a more fluid way of living – move from kitchen to study seamlessly to allow a less claustrophobic way of living. Plus, this illusion of space will make your property seem fresh and new – often creating a lighter and brighter environment.

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