3-month short term rental of private homes now allowed

Though the short-term lease of properties on sites such as Airbnb is still not legal in Singapore, leasing of private homes for a period of 3 months is now allowed. Under previous regulations which was implemented in 2009, the minimum rental contract period was 6 months. 

Cavenah LOdgeLandlords and tenants alike may rejoice as this means greater flexibility in terms of negotiating lease arrangements. For tenants looking for an option to serviced apartments or hotels, an entirely new market has opened up as those who were in between housing options (e.g. renting a place while waiting for renovation work to be done in their current or future home) or in Singapore for short-term study or work purposes. 

This welcome change stems from a public consultation exercise in 2015 which showed a majority of its respondents supporting a shorter minimum lease period. This new move may bring good cheer for some private home owners though it may not be much of a change for agents specialising in rental properties as the yields for short-term rents are considerably lesser than say a one- or two-year contract. Property analysts are not expecting much change in the rental market as landlords may still favour longer contracts as it saves them the trouble of waiting on new tenants. 

The rules are already in place and take effect immediately. Violations of the regulations may warrant fines of up to $200,000.