2,700 Punggol Point HDB flats to launch in September

Waterfront HDB units in Punggol will be launched this month.

The 2,724 new Build-to-order (BTO) flats in Punggol Point will be included in the Housing Board’s (HDB) September sales exercise.

Punggol Point flats to be ready by 2024

The waterfront town, Punggol. Picture: HDB

The waterfront district of Punggol Point, which is planned around Punggol’s history, is made up of 4 main projects.

This latest launch of flats in Punggol will span 2 projects – Punggol Point Crown and Punggol Point Cove.

In August last year, the first phase of Punggol Point Cove was launched together with Punggol Point Woods, the second phase will be launched this time.

The projects are expected to be ready by 2024 and flats ranging from 2-room Flexi to 4-room flats can be expected.

1,545 units will be launched at Punggol Point Crown, which is based on the Punggol Zoo.

The project will include communal living and play areas and it is divided into 5 thematic zones based on the natural habitats of animals species in the Punggol Zoo.

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Punggol’s history reflected in new projects

Punggol Point Cove. Picture: HDB

Punggol Point Cove, on the other hand, is based on Punggol’s rich history as a fishing village. 1,719 units from this project will be launched in September’s sales exercise.

Each block in this project will have their own courtyard as a tribute to the rustic beginnings of the area, and blocks will be linked by a series of 10th-storey sky bridges.

The Punggol Coast MRT station nearby will be ready by 2023. Both these projects are part of the 11 districts planned for Punggol Town.

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