The Housing Development Board (HDB) has launched two new Build-To-Order (BTO) projects in Punggol and Woodlands, offering a total of 1,534 flats.

In Punggol Crest, there will be 750 standard flats, comprising 240 units of 2-room, 240 units of 3-room and 270 units of 4-room flats. This BTO project is located along Punggol Place.

Over at Treegrove@Woodlands, there will be 784 premium flats, comprising 192 units of studio apartments, 220 units of 3-room and 372 units of 4-room flats. It is located along Woodlands Avenue 7 and next to 888 Plaza.

The prices for the Punggol Crest flats range from $90,000 to $114,000 for a 2-room flat, $153,000 to $189,000 for a 3-room flat, and $247,000 to $301,000 for a 4-room flat.


At Treegrove@Woodlands, prices range from $64,000 to $89,000 for a studio apartment, $141,000 to $175,000 for a 3-room flat, and $228,000 to $288,000 for a 4-room flat.

“In line with the constant demand for public housing, the Government is doing well to actively answer the needs of the mass population,” said PropNex CEO Mohamed Ismail, referring to the total of 1,534 BTO flats launched.

Because of this continued demand, Ismail expects the two projects to be well over-subscribed by at least six times each. Furthermore, he predicts that there will be a higher take-up rate for Punggol Crest, given the fewer number of units.

“Punggol residents can also look forward to a greater asset appreciation in about 10 years’ time when the Punggol Master Plan reaches fruition,” he revealed. The Punggol Master Plan is set to enliven the estate with a waterway, more recreational facilities and a waterfront living lifestyle in the next few years.

 At the same time, HDB has announced that it will launch 12,000 new BTO flats this year, or more if there is demand. Launches will be scheduled monthly for the next few months. With the launches of Punggol Crest and Treegrove @ Woodlands, HDB has offered a total of 2,825 units of new flats under the BTO scheme in the first two months of this year.

Furthermore, HDB added that in March 2010, flat buyers can look forward to another 1,000 BTO flats in Sembawang and Sengkang. In total, HDB is planning to offer about 7,000 BTO flats in the first half of 2010.



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