10 Condos with Amazing Gyms & Exercise Zones Built-in or Nearby

Singaporeans have become increasingly health conscious over the years, with more and more people implementing workouts into their lives.

The problem with going to the gym, however, is having to pack and travel to and from the gym itself.

But what if the place you stay at already comes with a gym, or if it is right next to your home?

We’ve found some condominiums that come with some awesome workout spaces!


Gym, D’Leedon. Picture: dleedon.sg

Sitting on where Farrer Court used to be, the 840,049 sq ft, Zaha Hadid-designed D’Leedon brings to bear some tremendous fitness facilities. We’re talking about 5 themed gardens, a mini race track, 6 water features and a gym pool!


That’s right. They found a way to get rid of the typical sweat and grime of the gym by putting specially designed gym equipment into the pool, giving the “outdoor gym” moniker a completely different spin.

Grandeur Park Residences

Grandeur Park Residences

Grandeur Park’s gym is huge and is specifically built for 3 generations, with sections for children, adults and seniors. The indoor gym is most definitely well-equipped for general fitness needs, but the outdoors Omnia Fitness Pavilion comes with an outdoor gym.

Seniors and children can hop into the pool for its aqua fitness facilities. The building offers aqua aerobic classes, a 50m infinity pool and an aqua gym. There is also a fitness studio, which offers Zumba and Vinyasa Yoga lessons.

The best part of owning a home here is that residents get 1 full year of complimentary fitness lessons with Amore Fitness!

Wallich Residence

Luxury is the word when you’re talking about Wallich Residence, so you know that the fitness facilities here are top notch.

Pool, Wallich Residence

The residence itself has a beautiful infinity pool that puts you 180m above sea level, but the real convenience here is the fact that there is a fully-decked out Virgin Fitness Gym located right next door.

Gym, Wallich Residence.

The gym has over 200 group classes, state-of-the-art machines and free-weight room, and a very cool altitude training studio that can simulate training conditions of up to 3000 metres above sea level.

Sky Vue

Instead of focusing all its facilities on one level, the Sky Vue’s design uses its verticality to its advantage. It locates some pools, steam rooms, and tennis courts on the ground floor while the 50m pool is placed on the 7th floor.

The designers were smart enough to reserve the best for last, with a sky gym placed on the 37th floor for maximum views while you get your maximum gains!

The Minton

The Minton’s stand out sporting facility can only be described as stunning. The gorgeous, glassencased badminton hall is an elegant expression of what a futuristic sports hall should look like. The flooring is parquet, while the openness of the court makes for a beautiful place for shuttlers to play a good game or two.

Besides that, the condominium also has rooms dedicated to other activities like table tennis, yoga and billiards. If you’re feeling a little sore after an intense badminton session, you can always hop into one of the hydro-massage pavilions or chill out in a Japanese-style onsen spa.

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Costa Del Sol

Costa Del Sol

The Costa Del Sol’s Mediterranean theme can be clearly seen in the fitness spaces designed by the developer.

Inspired by Mediterranean beaches, they built a swimming pool, a separate lap pool, an independent diving pool, and a jacuzzi.

Those that are interested in dryer activities will appreciate the exercise turf, which is frequented by yoga enthusiasts and Tai Chi practitioners. All these facilities come on top of a well-equipped gym that allows residents to run, spin and lift their way to fitness.

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City Square Residences

City Square Residences

Placed right next to City Square Mall, and the adjoining Farrer Park MRT, City Square Residences has workout facilities located both inside and just outside its boundaries.

The condominium has the requisite gym and swim facilities that make up the standard condominium package. But what is really cool is that they managed to build a bowling alley into the condominium!

Aside from that, City Square Mall has a Fitness First Gym, which has great equipment and challenging classes to push fitness enthusiasts to their limits.

The Panorama

The Panorama’s 198,942 sq ft of luxury fitness facilities is split up into 3 different categories: Active, Nature Lovers and Kids.

Active segment highlights include a gym and a separate aqua gym, a jogger’s path that winds around the entire estate, and a lap pool. Nature Lovers can take a chill pill in the meditation alcove or do yoga on the lawn, while children will relish playing in the children’s pool that comes complete with water jets!

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The Interlace

Splendid buildings in Singapore seen from the sky. The Interlace buildings are an ambitious residential project in Singapore. The complex gathers not less than 31 buildings. Picture taken by a professional drone. Picture: Getty

While the Interlace has not added any new fitness facilities to its already beautiful structure, the Interlace’s unique position places it in close proximity to one of the best nature spots in Singapore, Henderson Waves

Henderson Waves. Picture: Visit Singapore

The trail is home to some awesome sights and is great for an early morning or evening run. For something different, this is the place to be.

Caribbean at Keppel Bay

The Carribean has some very nice amenities and great sports facilities. In fact, sports enthusiasts be happy to hear that they have built three tennis courts, three swimming pools and seven children’s pools!

They also built in jogging tracks and fitness circuits, together with fitness stations that line the tracks.