You’ve never seen a brick wall like this before

Feast your eyes on this anything-but-basic feature wall. Made from dancing bricks that mesmerise with a wave-like movement, this is a feature you’re going to want in your home, stat.

Welcome to your new dream home.

This architecturally designed apartment in Taipei, Taiwan, embraces the very best of design trends both past and present and packs a punch with a slew of feature elements, each one more striking than the last.

What is this magic!

A project by Phoebe Sayswow Architects, the 132sqm two-bedroom flat was designed to bring in as much light as possible, and achieve a flexible spatial arrangement that gives the illusion of a bigger floor plan.

To achieve this, zoning strategies were implemented with the help of various partitions to create a divide within the space while still allowing light to flow through.

Partitions were used to create zones in the space.

Our favourite example of this has to be the parametric brick wall that divides the common areas from the private spaces.

Rather than the traditional masonry method, the bricks are stacked in a dynamic pattern that’s as chaotic as it is calculated.

The result is a wave-like formation that gives the appearance the bricks are dancing along the walls.

Though the bricks are actually white, pink tones bounce off the many angles from the blush wall opposite. It’s a truly unique use of a traditional material, and a feature we’ve never seen before.

We need this in our homes.

The apartment embraces the very best of old-meets-new – traditional construction techniques are complemented by modern design innovations.

And there are seemingly no rules when it comes to clashing patterns, textures, colours and materials.

Marble and hexagonal tiles come together brilliantly with brass in the bathroom; angular industrial glass panels surrounding the bedroom are softened by rounded terrazzo flooring in the open-plan living, and blue floral tiling in the kitchen is muted by hot pink paint on the walls.

Brass, marble, and a shiny silver tub. What more could you want?

“Materiality has always played a significant part in our design, especially in a residential project,” says Phoebe Wen, co-designer on the project.

“We believe the experience in a space is not only composed by visual moments but even more by the tactile moments.”

See more of the stunning space in the gallery below…

When can we move in?

All images courtesy of Hey!Cheese.

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