Why you need a mood board to help style your home

With so many sources of inspiration, decorating decisions can feel a little bit overwhelming. Carlene Duffy has a sure-fire way to keep you on track with one theme to help you create a cohesive space.x

Before you even think about styling your empty home, there’s one thing you simply must do first, that is if you want your space to appear cohesive and refined when complete.

“There are so many sources of inspiration out there for you to refer to: printed media, product samples, cafes, Instagram, Pinterest, magazines, the list goes on,” says Carlene Duffy. “And while these tools are incredibly helpful to shape a vision for your space, the sheer amount of information and ideas can feel overwhelming.”

Carlene says creating a mood board in the pre-styling process is so important for you as a designer for refining your vision and keeping you on track with your chosen theme.

A mood board acts as a guide for your styling decisions. Picture: Rupinder Sahota

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Designers and renovators Michael and Carlene Duffy transform the master bedroom of this charming Queenslander from an empty space into a warm and cosy room using one single source of inspiration: A print of iconic Uluru.

“I found this incredible print and allowed it to dictate the colours. Some of which I perhaps wouldn’t have considered pairing together had I not seen that they could work so well in the print,” says Carlene.

A mood board can give you the confidence to do something you might not have thought brave enough to do. Picture: Rupinder Sahota

Tips for curating your mood board

Pinning images you like is the easy part, but the challenge lies in curating those pics to land on a handful that you’ll ultimately use as the guide for styling your space.

Pin the images that spark joy

Carlene says: “I have quite a visceral reaction to colours, pieces and spaces that I find inspiring, and I think you really need to let those feelings guide you in the design process.”

Remember who you’re decorating for

“There are so many decor styles that I love and appreciate, but wouldn’t necessarily want to live with,” Carlene says, adding: “The more you research, the more you come to understand what styles make your heart sing.”

Carlene’s Australiana-inspired room makes for a cohesive space with earthy tones. Picture: Rupinder Sahota

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What if you change your mind?

Let’s say you finish decorating your space according to the mood board you created at the start. What happens if, after a few years, you decide you want a change? How do you ensure you’re not married to one colour palette and can maintain flexibility as your space grows?

Carlene’s answer: “By giving yourself the freedom to move pieces around your house; that’s something I do all the time.”

But more than that, Carlene says the urge to change up the look of your space tends to disappear if you create one you love from the start.

“When I decorate true to what I love, I don’t get sick of it. The trick lies in buying quality pieces, too, because the more you invest in beautiful pieces, the more you commit to loving them endlessly.”

This article is repurposed from Why you need a mood board to help style your home by Katie Skelly. Author at realestate.com.au.