White Out

The family of five that moved into this three-storey house were not too impressed with what the developer had originally provided them. Yet they could see potential in it. In a bid to improve the home, they engaged design firm The Orange Cube to polish up the existing design. The design brief was straightforward: keep the interiors simple, clean and linear. The designers complied, and even introduced new textures and design elements to create the ideal family home.
Project Type
Landed Property
Floor Area
3,000 sqft
Text: Redzman Rahmat
Bleached Living
The living room carries the polished and pristine look that the homeowners requested. The main draw in this room – other than the luxurious expanse of space – is the massive feature wall that anchors the space. The Orange Cube team layered the wall with concentric rectangles to add visual texture and depth to the design. Each layer of this feature wall is either covered in a laminate that resembles raw cement or spray painted with a high gloss finish.
Clear Things Up
Over in the dining room, the designers wanted to maintain the sense of spaciousness. The dining table, which can seat up to ten people, is the focal point here. To complement the dining set, the designers built a mirrored wall that lends to the illusion of space.
Serving Space
The sleek and streamlined kitchen is exactly what the homeowners needed. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets stretch across the room, providing plenty of storage space for the family. The fronts of the cabinets were purposely left bare for a flushed and seamless appeal. The designers also built a little breakfast nook in the middle of the kitchen. Not only is this perfect for quick meals in the kitchen, it also doubles as an additional worktop for food preparation.
For Your Entertainment
One of the rooms has been converted into an entertainment room with a state-of-the-art sound system – great for karaoke sessions with friends and family. The design team even custom-built a settee specially for this room in case guests stay over.
Out of Office 
The homeowners specifically requested for a home office where the husband can catch up on work without getting distracted. To create a conducive space, the designers built study desks and paired them with both open and closed shelves. To make the room family-friendly, the design team also created an additional pull-out study table that can be neatly tucked away when not in use.
Colour of Coffee 
The designers wanted the bedroom to follow the aesthetic of the home, but at the same time, they wanted to balance the white palette with a more relaxing colour. They chose a dark coffee shade on the wall, immediately bringing a sense of calm and tranquillity to the room. The headboard is made from PU leather that simply adds another level of luxe to this space at an affordable cost.
Design by The Orange Cube