Turn your dining room into a high-end cafe for less than $3.5k

If food is the way to a man’s heart, then the dining area must be where love sits. And, it isn’t surprising that somehow eating at nice restaurants or cafes with a nice ambiance always keep you in a brighter mood.

But did you know, it’s actually easy to recreate a nice ambiance, for your home dining space, just like those high-end cafes? Yes, you can give your dining room a high-end touch, just like this dining area above, simply with a few quick and cheap updates that won’t cost you more than $5,000.

What makes some restaurant have a high-end ambiance?

Before we start planning how to bring our home dining experience to a whole new level, let us first understand what makes cafe have that high-end ambiance.

You will be surprised to know that cafe designers actually make use of a lot of psychological tricks to do that.


If you have ever walked into a Starbucks cafe, you would probably have noticed how welcoming and relaxing the whole ambiance was. With the great smelling coffee aroma lingering around in the nicely air-conditioned environment, Starbucks cafes are well-known for the cafe experience they offer. But, the key to their welcoming ambiance lies not only in the cafe shopfront but also in their green logos. Green color makes people feel relaxed and at peace. Having their logo, and even some parts of their shop front in green, make patrons feel welcomed and relaxed, as though you can finally wind down from a day’s work.

But if you notice, on the extreme end, plenty of fast food restaurants like Macdonald’s have logos in red and yellow. And that’s because these two colors combined help to stimulate appetite, but at the same time makes you more energetic and speedy. So, since fast food restaurants want you to eat more and eat faster (so they can serve more people), red and yellow are commonly used.

So, how do you apply this to the context of your dining area design?

Simple! Ensure that you have some touches of green (e.g. small potted plants) near your dining room area, to give the space a relaxing and comfortable feel. And, have tableware in brighter colors, like red or yellow, to stimulate the appetite. Since you are playing only with colors, this trick shouldn’t cost you any extra.

Designer: Iryna Harbaruk


Another psychological trick cafes use is to stick to a certain theme for their design. Humans love patterns. Subconsciously or knowingly, we are always looking for patterns in almost every thing we do. Because that’s what tell us if things are consistent, and consistency makes us feel at peace. And this is also why cafe designers ensure that the cafe is consistently following a matching theme, in terms of the furniture colors, materials, interior decor etc.

So, how do you apply this to the context of your dining area design?

When you are designing your dining area, think of a theme first. For instance, are you going for a kid’s friendly solid wood theme, or are you perhaps going for an elegant modern touch? Regardless of the theme, you have chosen, check that your dining table, chairs, and tableware fit each other in terms of color and material.

Designer: Dasha Osadcha

It is also good to ensure consistency in the lighting you use. For instance, a grand chandelier may not go well with a white wooden table that looks less grand. If you foresee that you might need different lighting for different occasions, you could always go for those bulbs that allow you to adjust the brightness as and when you need.

Also, if your dining room is in a shared space with your living room and kitchen, be sure to keep a consistent design in all three spaces. You wouldn’t want a mishmash of designs that go haywire!

How to make your dining room have a high-end ambiance?

Alright, so we know the basics of designing a high-end ambiance. Let’s put this into real use, shall we?

These days, one of the hottest dining designs are those of Scandidustrial style. A case of wood meets metal, Scandidustrial dining decors are a hit for both cafe and homes alike. Here are 3 tips to get you started on creating a high-end dining experience with a Scandidustrial style, for below $3,500.

Designer: Alexandr Shishirin


One of the most common types of tables used in the Scandidustrial design are those wooden tables with metal legs, like the one below. To make the tables look more luxurious and long lasting, you can also opt to add in a layer of glass over the table top.

Paired with simple yet comfortable chairs, you can expect the dining set to accentuate the beauty of the room, without making the space feel overly decorated.


For dining rooms, pendant light works wonder. They bring light closer to you and makes the dining space looks cozier. Just what you need for bonding with your family over a meal.

You can usually get a good quality pendant light for below $350, including installation


The last finishing touch to your high-end ambiance lies in its furnishing. Without any decoration, your dining space can look a tad boring. To spice things up, you could place your dining table by your window, with small potted plants lined neatly along the window sill. Or, if your dining table is laid right by your wall, you could hang up a piece of eye-catchy wall art to spice things up. For a cheaper, yet still elegant touch, you could opt for decorations on the dining table top, like the ones below!

Table top decorations. Picture: ohleafsg.com

Voila! Follow these tips above and your dining experience will be a whole new world, all for less than $3,500.