Turn your bedroom into a luxurious hotel room in 5 steps

Stay over at any luxurious hotel at least once, and we can bet with you, regardless of whichever hotel you are in, you will surely fall in love with the fluffy bed and the fresh smelling hotel room. So, what exactly is the magic behind hotel room decors and how can we bring the decor into our everyday bedroom? The trick lies in the 5 steps below!
Step 1: Stick with a neutral palette
Most hotel rooms serve customers of varying demographics. And to cater to all demographics, they usually stick to a neutral palette of colours. Also, as you might have noticed, most hotels incorporate brown colour into their room decor, and that’s intended to bring to mind the feeling of warmth, comfort and security, just what you need to help you fully wind down in the hotel room. So, if you’re looking the make your bedroom as welcoming as the hotel rooms, your first step is to stick with neutral colours and add in your shades of brown!
Interior Designer: De Style
Step 2: Make the bed the center stage
No luxurious hotel room is ever complete without the comfy bed that comes with matching bedding and pillows! Most hotel beds are usually of King or Queen sizes, and are fitted with a plush headboard that gives the bed frame the luxurious look. But what makes the bed the center stage of the hotel room is the way it is accessorized and set up. So, how do you get that luxurious look for your bed at home?
Interior Designer: Rezt & Relax
Besides going for all-white cotton bedding, most of the well-loved hotel beds skip out on the fitted mattress sheets. Instead, they come with two layers of over-sized flat sheets that are tightly tucked under the mattress, and covered by a comforter/ duvet cover for extra cozy fluffy-ness. And if you’re looking for an even ‘fluffier’ sleep, be sure to go with feather bed/mattress pads!
Interior Designer: Design by Fifteen
And of course, you can’t do without the matching set of pillows! Some hotels have the practice of giving each bed occupier a pair of pillows – 1 firmer and 1 plushier. This not only helps to cater to different people’s differing pillow needs, but also adds up to the luxurious feel of the bed.
Photo credits: Pixabay, Olichel
Step 3: Declutter and organise
Another key step to making your bedroom look luxurious lies in how well you organise the room. You might have noticed that no matter how you try to mess up the hotel rooms, the hotel housekeepers are always able to reinstate the room back to the way it first was decorated. And that is because everything in a hotel room has a purpose it serves, and is organised such that there is no hint of clutter in the room. So, if you’re looking to make your room luxurious, always avoid any clutter!
Interior Designer: United Team Lifestyle
Step 4: Furnishing the room
The next decoration trick lies in the room furnishings. Aside from using luxurious looking furniture, there are three must-have furnishings you can’t miss out in the hotel rooms — the room curtains, bed side table and bed side lamp. In the case of curtains, be sure to go for full length ones to give a posher and finished look to your bedroom. And, if your bedroom is big enough like the one below, you could also add in a small seating area as a reading corner. Because, that’s what some of the best hotel rooms offer —a multi-purpose experience.
Interior Designer: Distinct Identity
Step 5: Liven it up!
Alright, now time for the final trick — liven the room up and make it feel like you have all you need in one room! And of course, your hotel bedroom at home should never ever miss out the basic entertainment necessity — the television!
Interior Designer: De Style
And, be sure to freshen up the room with fresh flowers or scented blocks. As small as they may seem, fragrances do play a huge role in freshening up the room and making it feel more livable, as though the room is welcoming you!
Photo credits: Pexels, Mary Whitney
Yet, another way to liven up the room, is to bring the walls alive, with wall paintings!
Interior Designer: Rezt & Relax
So, to turn your bedroom into a luxurious hotel room, be sure to add on the finishing touches that will freshen up the room! And, with these 5 easy steps, your bedroom will feel like a hotel room, as though you are on staycation every day!!!