Top carpet trends for 2018

Looking to give your carpeted rooms a trendy makeover? There’s a confusing amount of choice out there, so we’ve found the freshest carpet ideas of 2018 to get you inspired.

What could be more cosy than carpet on a frosty winter’s morning? Or comfy carpet underfoot when you’re playing with your kids on the living room floor?

Carpet trends come and go, but there’s always going to be the need to create softness and warmth at home. So it’s worth investing in carpet that you really love to ensure you get the most out of it.

Tip: Let your personality shine through when choosing carpet, but be sure to match the tones that are already in the space. Picture: Tamara Graham

We spoke to Richard Armstrong, renovation expert and director of The Makeover Group, to seek his top tips for how to pick a great on-trend carpet.

1. Pick colours that will flow

If you’re renovating, something that’s most likely going to be high on your list is creating a sense of flow between different areas of the home.

No matter if your house is open-plan or more formal, ensuring the rooms flow into each other will make the area appear less boxy and more spacious.

Keep flooring tones similar to give the illusion of a bigger space, whether you use full carpet or a rug. Picture: Tamara Graham

This is easily done by matching tones in your floor treatments.

Richard explains: “If you’re transitioning from one room (with floorboards) to another (with carpet), look through the colours in the floorboards and choose one that you can match with the carpet colour in the following room.”

Rooms with carpet can be as individual as you are. Picture: Tamara Graham

“This ensures your home has complementary colours and tones throughout, creating connection from space to space.”

2. Plush carpet is out

For anyone who remembers the carpet trends of the ’90s, you’ll recall the home decorator’s obsession with plush carpets. It’s safe to say, those babies are out.

Modern carpet ranges, like this loop pile carpet look, have more durability and texture than older styles. Picture: Tamara Graham

This year, it’s all about Frieze (also referred to as twist) carpets.

“Twist carpets deliver durability and the opportunity for you to have some fun with your own personal style,” says Richard. “Longer twists can create striking contrasts. Use different, bold colours in rugs on timber or concrete floors to add warmth, texture and interest to a space.”

3. Consider your climate

It goes without saying that your flooring choice will be different depending on where you live. There’d be nothing worse than having thick, heavy carpet in a climate that’s hot and humid and likewise for a tiled floor in a chilly, frost-prone area. So it pays to think about that ahead of time.

Carpet can add cosiness and warmth to any space. Picture: Tamara Graham

Richard explains that bedrooms in cooler or temperate states are ideal candidates to provide some fluffy warmth in winter months when you first get out of bed on frosty mornings.

“However, bedrooms in warmer northern states don’t need that warmth, so floorboards make more sense.

“Alternatively, you can strike a happy medium by using floorboards in your bedroom for the warmer months, then laying a rug in winter.”

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