Top 6 tile trends of 2018

Looking to sexy up your bathroom tiles or floor tiles in 2018, but stumped on where to begin? These top tile trends for 2018 might give you the inspiration you need to start dreaming about the possibilities.

Steve Cordony is a leading Sydney-based interior and event stylist who’s created and released a range of marble mosaic tiles, called Labyrinth, in collaboration with Di Lorenzo.

The tile trend Steve is most excited about in 2018 is bold, strong graphic motifs. “People can often be nervous to use bold patterned tiles, but if you make a strong statement on the floor, then keep it plain on the walls or vice versa,” he says.

Bold, strong graphic motifs in tiles are a trend we’ll be seeing a lot of in 2018, like these tiles from Steve Cordony’s Labyrinth range show. Picture: Felix Forest

As for the tile trend that may have had its day in the sun? Coloured glass tiles. While they “have their place”, Steve says they should be saved for the mosaic boarder of your pool instead.

“If you use coloured glass tiles on kitchen splashbacks and bathroom walls it creates a glossy, cold finish. These areas should be more earthy and textural.”

We caught up with Steve for his top tips on what tile trends are set to be hot in 2018.

1. Colour

For the decorators out there who love a little colour, you’ll be pleased to know we’re set to see much more adventure with the use of colour in all sorts of tiles, from bathroom tiles and floor tiles to splashback tiles in 2018.

“Think navy blue marble mosaics, soft pastel shade penny rounds and terracotta hexagonal tiles,” says Steve, adding that we’ll see colour appear in porcelain, ceramic tiles and marble tiles.

Norwegian rose marble touches on Nordic trends, while offering a point of difference. Picture: Teranova Tiles

2. Zellige tiles

For a pop of texture and a handmade, artisanal feel, zellige tiles will work perfectly in shower areas and as kitchen spalshback tiles in 2018.

“Originating from Morocco, these natural and organic textured glazed tiles are popping up everywhere in bathrooms and kitchens,” says Steve.

3. Cement floor tiles

Cement tiles take centre stage in this industrial-style contemporary foyer. Picture: Chad Holder

“The trend for graphic encaustic cement tiles has been around for a few years, but we are seeing the designs becoming bolder, cleaner and less filigree,” explains Steve.

In 2018 he predicts we’ll be seeing them used in laundries, bathrooms, foyers and kitchen/dining areas.

“We are seeing a strong shift to featuring cement encaustic tiles [as well as terrazzo and marble] in dining areas and lounge spaces, softened with rugs. Entryways and foyers are also the perfect areas for tiles.”

4. Terrazzo tiles

Yep, it’s terrazzo – again. Steve recalls it was one of the key trends we saw at last year’s Milan Furniture Fair, with the material popping up everywhere, from beautiful floor installations to table tops.

“This year, we will see the terrazzo tile trend peak as it gives an interesting texture and a subtle colour variation with a nod to 1920s Art Deco architecture,” he says.

5. Matte finish tiles

Ever been to a tile shop and become super stumped at the choice between a high gloss finish tile vs. a matte finish tile? It’s like, huh!?

Steve says this struggle will become a lot easier in 2018 with a shift to more subtle matte finish tiles, including honed marble.

“Honed marble allows you to overlay accent decorative elements, such as brass mirrors and light fittings or high-polished chrome towel rails and tapware.”

Soft matte finishes, particularly in marble surfaces, make the perfect backdrop for on-trend metallic accents. Picture: Felix Forest

Trendy and stylish – what’s not to love?

6. Terracotta tiles

We really embraced using natural patterns in the home in 2017, and this is set to continue this year, particularly with the continued use of terracotta bathroom and floor tiles.

Steve’s tip? “Work with oversized hexagonal terracotta tiles or Moroccan motif shapes and pair Zellige glazed tiles with matte soft dusty pink penny rounds.”

Okay, noted.

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