Tips on using natural patterns

We know greenery and the indoor-outdoor looks are huge interior design trends, so it’s a no-brainier that patterns taken from natural forms will be too.

Here, some expert tips to help inspire you how.

Types of natural patterns

When considering natural patterns, words that spring to mind for Sophie Shennan, an interior designer and stylist based in Manly, Sydney, are “imperfect”, “raw” and “naturally weathered, textured materials”.

“In 2017 we’ll see a lot of patterns from the grains, knots and imperfections of raw timber,” she says. “Things like botanical prints; cotton, bamboo and rattan weaves; raw concrete; and washed natural linens will also be trending this year.”

Other ideas? Shennan suggests considering ethically sourced full-grain leathers and sheepskins; honed and tumbled marbles and stones; handmade, imperfect ceramics and stoneware; and muted terrazzo.

Marble in the bathroom works a treat. Picture: Sophie Shennan

Get the look

Redecorating? Try Shennan’s tips on for size and recreate a calming, earthy sanctuary at home in every room in your house:

  • Bedroom: Think raw timber bedside tables, washed linens, natural fibres and weaves in bedding and cushions
  • Bathroom: Feature honed tumbled-edged tiles to give a naturally imperfect look
  • Living area: Weathered pot plants, a chunky handmade jute rug and a bamboo weave pendant create the look
  • Kitchen: Try terrazzo flooring with a light timber veneer joinery

Bring a sense of earthiness to your bedroom. Styling: Emma Blomfield. Picture: Lisa Zhu

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