This wardrobe will fold and sort your laundry for you

This futuristic and oh-so-chic cupboard is here to take over your least favourite chore and save you from a year of tedious folding.

Research can reveal that Australians, over the course of their lifetimes, will spend an average of 18,000 hours folding clothes. That’s more than a year, people.

On a mission to change the way we approach laundry day and save us a whole lot of time, Japan-based pioneers, Seven Dreamers, came up with the Laundroid, the world’s first fully automatic laundry robot.

The concept was first teased in 2015, but a working prototype was debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month.

A mirrored finish allows this Laundroid to blend seamlessly into a modern living space. Picture: Laundroid

The Laundroid uses a nifty combination of image recognition, artificial intelligence and proprietary robotics to identify your clean clothes, fold them up, and sort them into categories – whether you choose to sort them into items like T-shirts, pants and loungewear or by family member is up to you!

About the same size as a fridge, the wardrobe is sleek, minimal and quiet, and can work overnight without waking you up. All you need do is drop a freshly washed load into the tray before nodding off, then upon waking up you’ll open your Laundroid to find neat piles of sorted clothes. Incredible.

And like most new technologies, the Laundroid also comes with a companion app that allows you to organise and monitor your clothing, almost like an online closet.

Quiet enough that it won’t wake you up. Picture: Laundroid

Not only that, but the actual appliance is stunning, too. Made with glass, wood and genuine leather, the Laundroid comes in a range of colours to slot seamlessly into any bedroom, lounge room or hallway.

Sign us up, right? Well, with the ultimate convenience comes a rather hefty price tag, and those keen to get their hands on the Laundroid would have to be willing to spend over $19,000, although the tech company hopes to significantly reduce this number to $2,000.

We’ll be watching this space carefully over the coming months…

Laundroid. Picture: Laundroid 

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