This wallpaper will turn your room into ancient ruins

On a mission to fill the world with more art, Finnish design collective Feathr teamed up with an abstract artist to create the most eye-catching wallpaper we’ve seen this year.

Launching in Helsinki, this unique range of wallpaper is designed to give your walls the look of a dilapidated ruin, full of texture, tone and personality.

A collaboration with American abstract artist, Kiki Slaughter, the range features commanding designs that appear as if the paint is literally peeling off the walls.

Full of texture, tone and personality, this unique wallpaper will change your whole space. Picture: David Prince/

Working from her crumbling studio in a 19th century cotton gin factory, Kiki is known to experiment with the fundamental process of painting, pouring, scraping, layering and manipulating materials on the canvas to create works that are rich in both color and texture.

As Feathr explain on its blog: “Safari adds an extra touch of luxury. Amongst the artfully weathered layers of oil and acrylic lay dashes of metallics: Gold, bronze, steel and patinated coppers.”

An eye-catching take on wallpaper design that comes in three chic tones. Picture: Slaughter

The wallpaper faithfully reproduces the dramatic detail of Kiki’s original artworks: The warp of the canvas; the fine, signature brushstrokes; the crafted cracks through layers of oil paint.

Tom Puukko, founder at Feathr, says in a press release: “Kiki’s work involves the viewer at so many levels. From a distance, you see the drama of the complete piece; up close you engage with the individual gestural actions of the painter.”

The Oh La La collection features a hazy, organic pattern. Picture: Burcu Avsar/

Feathr and Kiki’s first collaboration – the Oh La La wallpaper and fabric collection – was awarded Surface of the Year 2017 at the World Interiors News Awards, along with claiming second prize at the Homes & Gardens Wallpaper of the Year Awards 2016.

Safari, Dreamboat and Oh La La are available as repeatable wallpaper panels, 150cm wide and 320cm high priced from US$169 per panel.

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