This Tokyo hotel lets you sleep inside an artwork

Each room in this hidden hotel is individually created by visionary Japanese artists for art-loving tourists.

If you love art, sleeping, ramen and capturing Instagram-worthy snaps on your travels, then this fast-growing Japanese hotel chain is for you.

The Bed & Art Project began with a mission to support local Japanese artists who are often unable to make a living through their practice.

An Instagrammer’s dream.

This is in part due to the fact that purchasing and displaying art in one’s home is not a common practice in Japan.

In an effort to combat this, BnA’s founders came up with the idea of a mutually beneficial ecosystem where an artist can earn a share of the profits made from a tourist’s stay in a hotel room.

And this is why every single room in the eccentric hotel appears the picture of a crazy, cool and eccentric artwork.

The mesmerising patterns would surely send us to sleep.

BnA Hotels creates an immersive experience for the art-loving tourist.

Though the rooms differ from each other in appearance, each one is just as bright and bold as the last, with hidden features that will surely delight anyone who is lucky enough to stay here.

The Athletic Park room can comfortably fit four guests, and has all the amenities of a functioning studio.

Our favourite space has to be the Athletic Park room by studioBOWL.

Ryohei Murakami’s concept for the space draws on high school memories of spending time in graffitied playgrounds and parks.

It’s described as somewhat of a haven for “big kids” with brightly coloured furniture and objects that dare you to climb all over them.

The Zen room takes the best of the Japanese way of life.

Then there’s the Zen room. Produced by a slew of artists from 51.3 G-WAVE, an artist unit based in Tokyo, the space marries ancient design principles with the inspiring chaos of modern Tokyo.

This is seen in the juxtaposition of the traditional textiles and calming garden, complemented by an abrasive neon sign and caged sleeping quarters.

Spot the wolves!

So far, two BnA Hotels can be found in Koenji and Akihabara, although the Bed & Art Project has big plans to take the concept global.

Here’s hoping they bring the chain Down Under!

All images courtesy of BnA Hotels.

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