This robotic furniture adapts to suit your needs

If someone told you that you could use one piece of furniture to deck out a living space in a multitude of ways, you’d be like: “Sign me up, stat”. Right?

‘One room a hundred ways’ is the slogan behind Ori systems, a company that is reimagining the way we live in urban areas.

Ori systems provide power-operated furniture units that have the ability to transform a space from a bedroom into a lounge room at the press of a button. The units come flat-packed and ready to be assembled; all you need do is plug the system into an electrical outlet and voilà.

There are three ‘modes’ for which the unit can be used: Bed mode, lounge mode and wardrobe mode.

There are also three ways to control the unit: Via the Ori control interface on the side of the unit; via an iPhone or Android app; and via voice using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

“Ori derives its name from origami, the Japanese art of folding paper to create beautiful and remarkable objects,” writes the brand on its website. And it’s clear this inventive piece of furniture, powered by modular robotics, is not only nice to look at, but remarkable in that it transforms spaces in the blink of an eye.

Need a study nook in your tiny abode? It’s easy with Ori systems. Picture: Ori systems

Ori systems are currently only available in the US and Canada and pricing for individual units is not yet available.

Watch this space, however, as no doubt this space-transforming buy will take off fast and be on our shores in no time.

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