This folding hack transforms linen cupboards

The answer to that unsightly jumble of mismatched pillowcases and bulky fitted sheets has been right under your nose all along… literally.

We like to think we’re pretty savvy when it comes to clever storage solutions, but even we were taken aback at the simplicity of this genius linen hack.

It’s a simple fact that no matter how meticulously organised you may be, it’s likely your linen cupboard is the single only place where aesthetics are compromised. But not anymore!

Never resign to mismatched sheets again. Picture: Linen House

A tweet from House&Home Pride is changing the way homemakers store their spare sets of sheets, and all it requires from you is one measly pillowcase. That’s it.

All you need to do is fold a matching set – that’s the fitted sheet, flat sheet, doona cover and pillowcase – into the corresponding pillowcase. Honestly, how did we not think of this!?

The result is a compact and stackable package that’s ready to be pulled off the shelf and made onto a bed, sans rummage.

“This is life-altering advice. My current linen closet situation now looks like the before footage in an infomercial,” said one user, while another added: “This changes EVERYTHING”.

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