This alarm clock wakes you up with the smell of coffee

Hopping out of bed in the morning just became that little bit easier with the invention of this genius, and somewhat delicious, alarm clock.

Gone are the days of snoozing until the very last minute, because the Sensorwake Trio by Bescent promises to wake your body from a slumber in more ways than one.

While traditional alarm clocks and smartphones work by producing sound only, this hot new invention works to stimulate each of the sound, sight and scent senses all at once.

The struggle to get out of bed is real, but the Sensorwake Trio makes 6am a sensory experience.

“These days, most of us are jolted awake by a blaring alarm that often comes from our phone,” says founder Guillaume Rolland of Bescent, the French company behind the invention.

“Sensorwake allows a more gradual wake up by slowly stimulating multiple senses so users can wake up more peacefully.”

The scented capsules last 30 days.

The Sensorwake Trio wake-up process occurs over three minutes. First, it emanates a scent chosen by the user.

After a minute of aromatherapy, the clock begins to produce a dynamic blue halo from the front of the device.

During the third minute, one of five soft melodies plays to encourage a soothing wake up.

Gentle light helps to lift you out of a deep sleep.

Bescent partnered with the world leader in fragrances, Givaudan, to create the 16 scents available as cartridges.

Love waking up to the smell of coffee? The latte fragrance will leave you feeling invigorated and energised for the day ahead.

Other delightful scents to choose from include pine forest, tropical fruit, orange juice, apples and cinnamon, cookies, and grass meadow.

The sleek design blends seamlessly into any bedside.

The cartridges utilise dry diffusion without the need for liquids, heating elements or mist, and contain no alcohol.

One capsule lasts 30 wake ups and can be swapped out for a new scent at any point.

The Sensorwake Trio is available for pre-order now to be delivered in November. A clock with 12 scented capsules will set you back $US99.

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