The world’s first ground-scraper hotel has opened

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is the 200th hotel from the luxury chain. Instead of scraping the sky, it sits 88 metres into a quarry and appears hidden below ground level.

Look down, 88 metres underground into a formerly abandoned quarry, to find the world’s newest luxury hotel.

The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland opened its doors this week after 10 years of construction.

The five-star hotel has taken a decade to complete.

The five-star resort, located beside Tianma Pit at Sheshan Mountain Range, is made up of 18 floors, two of which are above ground and offer panoramic views of the waterfalls and cliff surrounds.

The remaining 16 floors cascade dramatically into the quarry, while the lower two floors are actually situated beneath the water’s surface.

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The epic hotel is the first of its kind stunning architecturally designed homes.

The underwater loft is truly one of a kind. It’s comprised of two storeys; the upper deck at water level houses space for a bedroom and outdoor terrace, while the living room below offers views of passing fish.

In fact, all of the 336 guest suites boast a unique view complemented by modern details and elegant design. Some even come with full butler service.

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Select suites come with a butler.

The hotel’s facilities are also something to write home about. There’s a grand ballroom illuminated by sky panels, an exclusive club lounge for social gatherings, three on-site restaurants and a further two bars.

And there’s plenty to do during your stay, too. Those who seek adventure will love the extreme activities like rock-climbing, kayaking, bungee jumping and the glass-floor walks, while holidaymakers who prefer to relax may find comfort in the indoor pool with views of the quarry’s waterfalls.

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A glass path leads wanderers down the quarry cliff.

A stay here can cost anywhere between 3,394 yuan for a night, with the most expensive suites sitting at the S$14,000 mark.

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