The High Life

Perched high on the 12th floor of Carabelle condominium is a home that expertly meshes contemporary luxury with a good dose of casual comfort. Reimagined by design firm Chew Interior, the apartment was designed to cater to the owner’s penchant for entertaining. It was also important to the owners that the towering vistas that the apartment is privy to are fully exploited.
Project Type
3-room Condominium
Floor Area
1,700 sqft
State of Glamour
Luxurious living is not just for landed homes, as this apartment proves. Most apparent is the plush button-tufted feature wall at the front of the living room, replacing standard laminated feature panels. A rich colour palette of cream and gold weaves its way throughout the living spaces. In all this, the design team was careful not to overdo things. For example, chandeliers that crown the living and dining areas were maintained at reasonable proportions.
Luxe Liaisons
Each space in the home has been given due attention, not least of all, the dining area. A variety of wall panels – carved mirror, wallpaper, timber paneling – creates an interesting nook for eating. It was a daring move to mix so many materials – warm with cool – in one area, and it certainly deviates from what one might expect of a modern classical look, but it was a risk that paid off.
Hang Loose
Things start to loosen up in the balcony where the designers have created an outdoor lounge. A cheery sofa easily accommodates large groups of people as they sit and chat. Right next to this, the kitchen is conveniently kept open and available for preparing drinks and snacks. The panoramic view from this balcony makes this space a favourite among the family as well as guests.
Personal Style
Bedrooms are where individual family members can best express their personal taste, and in this home, it is no different. The master bedroom, for example, follows the luxe look that was previously seen in the living spaces. The button-tufted feature panel makes an appearance again, this time as a headboard to the bed. The rest of the space sees a good mix of timber textures and burnished surfaces for a richly composed room.
Zest of Life
The children’s room is fresh, bright and fun with a sprightly lime-green wallpaper setting the tone. The owners decided on bunk beds for the children to fully utilise the high ceiling, and to free up more floor space. By the side, a simple study desk faces out towards the view – all the better to inspire.