The Efficient Kitchen

Turn your kitchen sink into the perfect food preparation and washing-up zone with Rubine’s stainless steel bowls and accessories.
Text by: Redzman Rahmat
Rubine has established itself in the market for more than ten years with its wide collection of kitchen and bathroom fixtures. The Italian brand, which is distributed by Casa, helps homeowners create efficient kitchen workspaces that ease everyday chores like preparing food and washing the dishes.
Pick a sink that works for you
Kitchen sinks come in different shapes, sizes and combinations. If you’re looking for a more efficient kitchen, the double-bowl sink is better for multi-tasking. For example, one bowl holds the dirty dishes while the other is used for washing. If you have a smaller kitchen, you can opt for a one bowl or a one-and-a-half bowl combination. Other things to look out for are the thickness of the material and whether it comes with sound absorbing pads on the bottom. Brushed or satin finishes are preferable as water marks and scratches will be less visible.
Find a mixer that suits your home 
Single-lever mixer taps allow you to control the water flow and temperature with one hand. Rubine faucets are available in stainless steel and chrome, and have undergone stringent tests to ensure maximum water efficiency. Check that your water pressure is compatible with your tap. For optimal performance, many taps require a minimum flow pressure of 1.0bar.
Add a colander for maximum efficiency 
If you do a lot of fresh cooking at home, then an attachable colander might be a useful addition to your kitchen setup. The perforated base of the colander means that not only can you use it for straining food, but you can also use it as a makeshift dish drainer. Rubine’s custom designed colanders are available in stainless steel and plastic.
Add utility with a wire basket
Having a dedicated space to dry your just-washed dishes helps to save space. These wire baskets fit comfortably inside the bowls but you can take them away when not in use. Rubine has a range of wire baskets that can also be used as
dish racks.
Use a space-saving chopping board 

Fitted chopping boards conveniently rest on the rim of the sink, turning the bowl into a flat worktop space. Rubine’s solid and sturdy cutting boards are available in solid oak, bamboo or sapele hard wood.