The cushion trends you need to try now

Plush velvet and natural linen are here to stay but expect to see a resurgence of bold, bright colours and unexpected patterns as we move into autumn and winter.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul – and one could argue that cushions serve the same purpose.

While many homemakers gravitate towards neutral tones and more minimal forms for larger pieces like sofas, TV units and coffee tables, it’s understood that cushions – being an interchangeable and more affordable piece of decor – are the place to really showcase personality and individuality.

Here to provide some insight into the latest cushion trends is the interior stylist, Jono Fleming.

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Bold is back

While brighter colours definitely took the back seat in 2017, Jono says we can expect stand-out hues to make their way into our homes this year. And the easiest place to start, he says, is with your soft furnishings.

“Colour is coming back in a big way! Pantone recently revealed their 2018 Colour of the Year as a striking purple called Ultra Violet, but if you’re not set on purple, try other palettes.

“Earthy, rich reds and ochres are really showing off right now. Plus, they pair beautifully with your natural and neutral cushions, too.”

Wake up to warm hues. Styled by Bree Leech. Photographer: Mike Baker

Natural meets luxury

Talking texture, Jono advises us to get creative with our threads and embrace a mix-and-match approach.

“Velvet in luxurious, jewel tones is absolutely here to stay, and with so many different price points when it comes to velvet furnishings, it’s easy to find a cushion that fits your abode’s aesthetic,” he says.

Velvets add an air of luxury. Picture: Deb Siew

A great way to keep it cosy, Jono adds, is to complement your luxurious picks with something a little more down to earth.

“Handmade items with imperfect details provide a beautiful twist on your standard cushion. Look for fringed edges and natural linens.

“Seventies-inspired tapestries with detail such as beading and embroidery are so much fun but might be a bit harder to work with. In saying that, these can look awesome in the right place at the right time.”

Imperfections, or intricate detailing? Picture: Hunting For George

Embrace atypical patterns

Sure, spots and stripes make for a safe way to add a touch of character and personality to a space, but Jono suggests we utilise the flexible nature of cushions to experiment with more adventurous styles.

“Hand-painted patterns are really popular at the moment and we’re only going to see more. Australian brand Bonnie and Neil are producing some beautiful, statement pieces – their Australiana-inspired patterns are really unique.”

These Australiana-inspired cushions are handcrafted Down Under. Picture: Bonnie and Neil

Jono says we can also expect to see a triumphant comeback in a favourite among grandmothers: The floral cushion.

“These trends are all cyclical, but keep an eye out for traditional floral prints. They may remind you of nana’s old cushions, but paired with some modern pieces they can really make an impact on your sofa.”

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. Picture: Denise Braki

Not hip to be square?

While the typical square or rectangular pillow will never be unpopular, Jono invites us to embrace seamless lines and decorative embellishments with a slew of round pillows.

“Round cushions really started to take off last year and the trend is not slowing down.

“Whether they be velvet, linen or patterned, a round cushion is a great way to change up the shapes from all the squares and add a bit of variety to your collection.”

Round cushions, no matter what the texture, will bring a sense of style to any space. Picture: Hunting For George

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