The best stackable cookware to save space in your kitchen

A poky little kitchen can be the ultimate thorn-in-the-side for many home chefs.

Let’s face it: There’s little worse than a kitchen with a lack of storage options. When the space you do have available is cluttered with cookware and appliances, it’s difficult to potter around the kitchen preparing a meal.

If you’re stuck with a limited area in which to show off your foodie skills, fear not.

There are ways to work around this – and smart, stackable cookware is just the beginning.

Getting your kitchen in order means having a go-to storage system. Picture: Tamara Graham

Here are the must-haves to help save space in your kitchen.

Baking gear with flare

What could be better than having a full set of measuring cups, as well as gorgeously bright mixing bowls? Having these all nest into one contained space, that’s what.

Gone are the days when you had to rifle through your drawers and cupboards to find that specific quarter-cup measure. Now you can have everything in one spot thanks to this Joseph Joseph nine-piece nesting set, US$$35.89.

Joseph Joseph Nest 9 Nesting Bowls Set. Picture: Amazon

Save space by going vertical with your essentials

Feeling like your pantry is heaving with cooking essentials, yet they’re never within reach?

Take a cue from the pros and keep your go-to items at your fingertips with a mini chef shelf.

Investing in a storage shelf allows you to use the vertical spaces in a kitchen, making the area more functional, plus you get to brighten up your walls with a few of your favourite objects.

Keep your chopping boards looking sharp

Shoppy Colourful kitchen Chopping Boards Organizer with holder . Picture: Lazada

The handy index tabs remind you which one you to use for the fresh veggies and which one for meat, so you’ll never confuse them.


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