The 10 coolest treehouses in the world

We all dreamed about treehouses as kids. But what happens when they’re built on an adult-scale?

From mirror cube houses that disappear into their surroundings to rooms built like a human-sized birds’ nest – treehouses seem to spark interest and intrigue around the world.

Take a scroll through some of the best examples of this whimsical way of living and imagine yourself waking up in one or more of these incredible rental cabins.

1. Bubble-shaped treehouse

If you’ve ever wondered what life in a bubble is like, check out the Free Spirit treehouse cabins. Picture: Kerry Maguire / Free Spirit Spheres

Floating among the branches of a Canadian forest are a small cluster of some of the strangest houses you might ever see.

Free Spirit treehouses has created a little village of these unique structures for holidaymakers to discover, all while enjoying the incredible natural surrounds on offer.

The tiny, round structures are raised about 3-4.5m off the ground and are supported by an extensive rope system. You can thank the talented Free Spirit team, based in Vancouver Island, BC, for the brainy idea.

2. Pinecone-shaped treehouse cabins in Italy

The treehouses take in views of the surrounding valley. Picture: Ulderica Da Pozzo

Hidden away in the forests of Malborghetto, where Italy meets Austria and Slovenia, sit two unique houses that could be mistaken for oversized pinecones.

Created by Italian architecture firm Architetto Beltrame Claudio, the three-storey cabins blend in perfectly with the surrounding forest.

The project, called Pigna (literally ‘pinecone’ in Italian), was developed for an architectural competition in 2014.

3. South African treehouse

Tucked away in forest-like gardens. Picture: Adam Letch / Malan Vorster Architecture Interior Design

It’s hard to believe something this beautiful actually exists – but in Cape Town, South Africa, a structure dubbed ‘Paarman Treehouse’ stands tall among many trees, wowing all who pass by.

Okay, so technically it’s not actually a treehouse, but the home, built out of four separate cylindrical volumes supported by steel frames, certainly rises to tree-height amid the nature-rich landscape.

The architects, Malan Vorster Architecture and Interior Design, have worked on other projects on this same property – a tree-rich estate comprising a collection of buildings.

4. Wollemi cabin treehouse

vThe Wollemi Wilderness Treehouse is one of the most popular places to stay at Love Cabins in the Blue Mountains. Picture: Jochen Spencer

It doesn’t get more idyllic than the thought of waking up amid the treetops.

The incredible setting of the Wollemi Wilderness Treehouse takes in views of Bowen’s Creek Gorge and includes all the modern luxuries you could imagine.

5. Restaurant treehouse

Redwoods Treehouse in New Zealand hosts weddings and corporate events. Picture: Redwood Treehouse

Inspired by nature, this treehouse is the home of a restaurant and function venue in Auckland, New Zealand.

The stunning pod design is by Peter Eising of Pacific Environment Architects, and has attracted interest around the world.

6. Dragonfly treehouse

The Dragonfly sits among the trees in the forests of Sweden. Picture: Treehotel

Scandi style has never been this high. Introducing The Dragonfly house, located in Sweden about an hour’s drive from Luleå Airport.

The sky-high view from inside The Dragonfly. Picture: Treehotel

7. Bird’s nest treehouse

Want to be at one with nature? You’ll love the Bird’s Nest treehouse. Picture: Treehotel

For all the avian lovers out there, this one’s for you. The Bird’s Nest treehouse gives visitors the chance to experience the cosiness of nest life.

The Bird’s Nest treehouse is cosy yet comfortable inside. Picture: Treehotel

8. Mirror cube treehouse

Say “hello” to the Mirrorcube; the house that camouflages into its surroundings. Picture: Treehotel

If it’s your wish to disappear completely from the ‘real’ world, then this enigmatic spot among the branches will surely tickle your fancy.

Interior of the Mirrorcube. Picture: Treehotel

9. UFO treehouse

Inside the UFO treehouse. Picture: Treehotel

If you’re a firm believer that the truth is out there, then maybe an alien landing site is the perfect spot for your next holiday.

10. Cone-shaped treehouse

The interior of the Blue Cone treehouse. Picture: Treehotel

Like something out of a storybook, this place is the epitome of forest-chic – with Little Red Riding Hood vibes a bonus.

The Blue Cone is seriously picture-perfect. Picture: Treehotel

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