Stylish Ways To Decorate Your Home With Marble Look Tiles

It is all worth spending your time and effort in decorating the home when your family and friends really appreciate and love you for your innovative thinking and designs.

The basic thought flash across our mind, when we start a discussion about home decoration is all about antiques and furniture but, wait! It is true a bit but not completely.

By the time, things have changed, beautiful and trendy tiles remarkably show their presence for making your home astonishingly beautiful. The market is occupied with a huge variety of polished to matte finish tiles which unquestionably add a wow factor to the looks of your home.

You can use these tiles for flooring, on walls for an extra shining and textured feel, and on kitchen shelves, as they came in various shapes, size, and colours.

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Have a glance at types of marble look tiles:

Polished marble look tiles

Domus, Glazed Porcelain Coloured Body Tiles. Picture: Malford

These tiles have mirror-like finishing which gives a flawless and shining appearance to your flooring.

Semi-polished marble look tiles

These tiles have a thin layer of glaze as they are lightly polished.

Matte marble look tiles

Scot. Picture: Malford.

These are not polished yet have their natural grip and texture which makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Glazed marble look tiles

Scot, Glazed Porcelain Coloured Body Tiles. Picture: Malford

These tiles are hard, polished, and durable and are ideal for light and heavy foot traffic.

Wondering! Where to buy marble look tiles in Singapore then, online stores of leading companies can be a good option to explore the various option for your home décor.

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Here, we jotted down a few smart ways to use these tiles in your home design:

Aesthetic texture

Bring some real characters to the walls of your home regardless of, it is indoor or outdoor. Using tiles for wall decoration is latest in trends and is a smart and simple, way to keep flaking paints problem and foul smell away. Reverso 2 marble look tiles will give a modern and sophisticated touch to your home. They basically fall under glazed marble look tiles which are well known for their high-end durability and are suitable for outdoor areas too.

Smooth and shining kitchen shelves

As the kitchen is one of the crucial parts of the home and get dirty and cluttered easily, it needs extra considerations. Go for elegant slab-style and clean cut tiles which are the easiest to clean.

Open, HD Digital Porcelain. Picture: Malford

Extraordinary marble look tiles are glaze-coloured body tiles which are semi-polished and available in different size and colours. They are well suited for kitchen use as these are sturdy enough to handle the very hot and cold temperature as well.

High end gripping

Give a highly luxurious look and feel to your bathroom with Vein B marble look tiles. They are full body homogeneous tiles available in matte and Lappato (semi-polished) finish. Due to their anti-slip matte finish and polished look, they enhance the beauty of your home. They are especially, ideal for wet areas.

Add life to home flooring

Where to buy marble look tiles in Singapore for anti-skid and aesthetic flooring?

Scot marble look tiles are easily available in the market which serves as the perfect package for your home flooring. They are glazed porcelain coloured body tiles available in white, grey and red colour and highly suitable for dry areas of your home.

This article is written by Kendal Smith.