Stylish Sophistication

When working on this 6,000-sqft detached house, the team from Third Avenue Studio wanted to focus on designing spaces that are luxurious but not excessive. By paring down the material and colour choices and practicing a restraint hand when it came to design elements the designers gave this three-storey house a look that is simple yet sophisticated.

Project type: Detached House
Floor Area: 6,000 sqft

Naturally Grounded

Design by Third Avenue Studio

A neutral colour palette in the living room welcomes the homeowners, setting the scene for a relaxed and laidback atmosphere. Because of the large size of this room, the design team from Third Avenue Studio wanted to prevent the space from feeling cold or uninviting. The strips of wood that make up the TV feature wall contribute to this sense of homeliness by visually grounding the space.

Fit For Entertainment

Design by Third Avenue Studio

For homeowners that entertain a lot, having a combined dining room and dry kitchen makes a lot of sense. Here, the designers created the perfect room for both dinner parties and casual gatherings. There’s a fully equipped kitchen – complete with an all-marble kitchen island – where the homeowners can play host, and a solid wood dining table that’s big enough to accommodate at least eight guests.

All in White

Design by Third Avenue Studio

Heavier cooking and more complicated dishes are whipped up in the wet kitchen at the back of the house. Although functionality is the main priority, the design team from Third Avenue Studio retained the clean linear aesthetics that define the rest of the home. As such, all-white glossy laminates clad the surfaces of the kitchen cabinets to create a pristine space. The island counter in the centre of the room doubles as both a worktop and an impromptu dining table.

Suite Life

Design by Third Avenue Studio

The bedroom suite on the upper level has been designed to be as self-contained as possible. Thanks to its large size, the designers could fit in an en-suite bathroom, a walk-in wardrobe and even a lounge area with an entertainment system. Polished parquet floors stretch across the entire suite and is crucial to making the bedroom feel warm and cosy. Most notably however, is the feature wall behind the bed. It’s made from padded panels in different shapes and sizes that fit together to cover the wall completely.

Marble Marvel

Design by Third Avenue Studio

Bathrooms are usually dark and dingy places, but this one benefits greatly from the large window at the far end of the room. To emphasise the flood of natural light, the designers clad the walls and countertop with white marble. The result is an uplifting room that is perfect for relaxed ‘me time’.