Stylish Small Spaces

Beautiful small-space living in Singapore is possible when you make use of great design, as the following stylish small-spaced apartment will show you.
( Living area. All images courtesy of Amir Sultan and LivingPod.)
A small-spaced apartment is commonly—and perhaps a bit derogatorily—referred to as a shoebox unit in Singapore because it only has a size of about 500 sq ft. Let’s face it: if given the choice, no one would opt to live in a small home. However, the obvious lack of space in small and crowded cities like Singapore and Tokyo means constraints are almost inevitable when it comes to building houses. Building small apartments is hence a practical, flexible and clever solution.
New pint-sized homes have sprouted up in recent years in the shape of studio and SOHO-style apartments (‘small office, home office’). These homes are notorious for their complete lack of storage space—there are no airing cupboards or hallways—but as you will see, it is possible to create the space you need without compromising on style by making use of great interior design. 
( Master bedroom.)
Recently, I came across a showflat of an upcoming Singapore apartment that featured innovative interior design by Sumisura. As an interior designer-turned-professional photographer, I find personal enjoyment shooting and sharing these designs.
( Study room.)
As you can plainly see, there isn’t much space to go around, so how do you make the most of the limited space?
Start by zoning or mapping out the different areas in a room to see how they can come together. Have a look at each corner of the room and allocate sufficient space the room’s purpose. For instance, if you are looking at a bedroom, you will want to allocate space for your bed and wardrobe, and possibly also a study area and a relaxing area.
( View of study from bathroom.)
Once you have mapped out what each corner of the room is likely to be used for, you will be able to use the room to its fullest potential.
( Master bedroom with attached bathroom.)
In other words, there is a bit of legwork to be done. Figure out how to work with the space you have at hand and the possessions you have or will be getting. Draw up a floor plan and pencil in what you want in your home and where it will go.
By doing so, even a 500 sq ft shoebox apartment like this one can provide you with clearly defined spaces for sleeping, eating and living.
( Kitchen.)
( Store room with reading space.)
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