Style mistakes you should avoid in 2019

Now that we’re well and truly set into 2019, it’s time to embrace something new at your place, and avoid some of the major decorating mistakes people keep making.

The discount chain home

I love budget homewares like I love my own mother, but let’s be clear: you shouldn’t have your entire home resemble a bargain bin. The better approach is to mix the skimp and the splurge.

Invest in your larger pieces like sofas, beds, chairs and rugs, and then go cheap and cheerful on the smaller decor.

And shop at a variety of stores so you have a home that feels varied and layered.

White on white on white

I just can’t with the unadventurous, all-white coastal home anymore. Far too many people are so paralysed with fear over introducing colour that they end up with an interior that feels sterile and boring.

It’s time to experiment more with your home’s design and look beyond white.

If you love a neutral palette, I hear you, but consider some tan, nude or soft grey to move things in a new direction.

There are ways to do the white look without actually using white. Picture: Alexandra Gorn/Unsplash

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Avoiding wallpaper

Nothing adds easy drama like removable wallpaper can. Picture: Luxe Walls

The time has come to tackle your wallpaper phobia.

I swear to you, it transforms a room like no other design element can. And I’m not talking the gawdy stuff your grandmother had. I’m talking about beautiful contemporary designs with a subtle pattern and texture.

A soft cloth wallpaper is a great place to start. And there are even brands that do peel-on-peel-off papers that won’t damage your walls.

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Hiding your keepsakes

Sterile homes void of personality are out – so if you love it, show it! Picture: Erinna Giblin

Too many people are living in display homes that feel soulless.

Gorgeous from a design perspective, in many cases, but absolutely no personality. Time to crack out your family photos. Time to display the things you’ve collected on travels overseas. And time to showcase gifts your kids have made you in stylish ways. No more hiding these memories in a box in the garage.

This is the year to make your house a home!

Minimalist living

I can’t get on board with stripping back home so that rooms have the bare minimum in them. It might look cute in an Instagram photo, but it’s not going to spark joy for you on a day-to-day basis.

A little clutter can make a home feel lived in, so don’t be afraid to enjoy your furniture, your decor, your keepsakes, and a little mess from time to time!

A layered home feels and looks much more inviting. Picture: Justin Cooper, Styling: Kelly Ferraro

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Not embracing fun and whimsy

When and why did interior design become so serious? Everything is starting to feel so same-same. I love a home that embraces whimsy.

Why not look to designers like Jonathan Adler who make luxe homewares with an irreverent twist? Or display something in your home that you’d normally find in a junkyard?

Bringing in the wild and the weird is often what makes an interior feel truly interesting and unique. So go on, be silly in 2019!

We also love a little whimsy and a sense of irreverent luxury. Picture: Erinna Giblin

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