Step inside North America’s tallest single-family home

The tallest single-family home in North America hit the market last year, but we’re still smitten with this futuristic abode.

At almost 38-metres-tall, the striking property is not quite as high as the tallest in the world – the colossal 173-metre ‘Antilia‘ house in India – but it will get you pretty close to the clouds.

House in the heavens. Picture: Sotheby’s International Group

Falcon Nest, as it’s aptly named, is located in Prescott, Arizona and spans 575sqm of living space across 10 stories.

It’s got the standard three bedrooms and four bathrooms, as well as a 185sqm solarium with uninterrupted views of the valleys below.

The main floor, which comprises the living space and kitchen, radiates out in four directions, with floor-to-ceiling glass walls and ceilings taking in floods of natural light and providing 360-degree visibility of the epic views.

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The home captures Arizona sights as far as 193km away, including San Francisco Peaks, Humphrey’s Peak and Bill Williams Mountain.

A hydraulic elevator provides access from the garage level to the sixth floor.

Step inside the home:

The home was built in 1994 by Phoenix architect Sukumar Pal with principles of holistic living and mindfulness feeding into the design.

The sustainability credentials are up there, too, with passive solar technology and alternative cooling, heating and energy-generating systems – ensuring the uniquely located home is powered up come rain, hail or shine.

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Get a load of those pink Arizona skies. Picture: Sotheby’s International Group

For those not in the market for a place of residence, the listing helpfully offers some alternative uses for the home, including an observatory, radio tower or ‘holistic living centre’.

Despite the ’90s-throwback interior, there’s no denying the structural integrity of this architectural gem.

When can we move in!?

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