Splashing Bonanza!

Shopping for bathroom fixtures isn’t as easy as you might think. We sift through the options and highlight a few designs that have caught our eyes.
Text: Redzman Rahmat
The ubiquitous washbasin may seem like a straightforward fixture to have in the bathroom, but with new designs and technology, you can get a basin that’s unique and ergonomic.
If you’re looking to add a bit of colour into your bathroom, this large bowl (it measures 580mm by 480mm) comes in a variety of pastel hues to match your tiles.
Hatria Abito countertop
washbasin, from Viva Nueva
This standalone washbasin is a sight to see with its gentle curves and monolithic shape. We like how this formidable-looking washbasin can make a strong statement in the bathroom.
Palomba freestanding washbasin, from Carera Bathroom
Moon Copia glass washbasin, from Equip Bathroom
Instead of shamefully hiding away the WC in a corner of the bathroom, choose something with a standout design that you wouldn’t mind displaying.
Bravat Slim, from Hafary
This all-white ceramic WC is equipped with a soft closing seat and cover that adds another level of luxe to the bathroom.
Laufen Alessi One
floorstanding WC,
from Carera Bathroom
At the touch of a button, this “shower toilet” cleans you gently and effectively with a soft jet of water mixed with air.
AquaClean Sela shower toilet, from Geberit
The shower experience has evolved from a utilitarian act into the ultimate ritual of relaxation. Here are a few showerheads that turn the everyday bathroom ritual into an enjoyable experience.
Japanese design firm Nendo combines water and light to come up with this hybrid lampshower that brings delight to the bathroom.
Axor LampShower by Nendo, from Hansgrohe
Unlike most other handheld showers, the Power&Soul Cosmopolitan lets you control the spray pattern for a personalised shower.
Power&Soul Cosmopolitan shower, from Grohe
Onimi on-5519 rainshower, from Azora
G.Ferretti GF BS 045 rain and waterfall shower, from Living Phenomenon
With so many different bathroom taps, faucets and mixers to pick from, it’s no walk in the park making your pick. Here are a few options to make the decision process easier.
Instead of gushing out carelessly, water gently cascades from this mixer like a mini-waterfall.
G.Ferretti 8006001 basin mixer, from Living Phenomenon
We can’t help but feel a little nostalgic with this hot and cold mixer. It’s available for the basin, bathtub or even attached to the shower, and is finished in either chrome or light gold.
Devon & Devon Austin 900 mixer, from Design Hub
Fluid mixer, from Hafary
Bathtubs are typically associated with a certain standard of luxury, especially in Singapore where bathrooms are usually too small. But if you have the space to spare – and the time to languish in bubble baths – here are some bathtubs you probably won’t mind soaking in.
This free-standing tub can easily become the visual focus of your bathroom, thanks to the rounded rim that is meant to mimic the sensual curves of the body.
Bravat Wave B25824W-1 bathtub from Hafary
This free-standing tub can easily become the visual focus of your bathroom, thanks to the rounded rim that is meant to mimic the sensual curves of the body.
Bravat Wave B25824W-1 bathtub from Hafary
From the electric blue enamel finish to the eagle claw ornamental feet, this regal bathtub has the makings of a winner.
Devon & Devon Admiral Esprit bathtub, from Design Hub
Add these finishing touches to complete the spa-like experience in your bathroom
This body scrub and body balm combo will lull you into a state of relaxation.
Marimekko Sauna Duet, $100, from Aesop
End your spa day by wrapping yourself in these plush bathrobes. You might even be tempted to spend all day in its warm, comfy embrace.
Citta Design dressing gowns, price on enquiry, from Robinsons
Need a dry spot to store your stuff while you’re soaking in the tub?
Grab a tray or bowl to hold your mobile phones or jewellery.
SuperNova Bowl (Large), $310, from Georg Jensen
Refresh your bathroom with calm, soothing scents from aromatherapeutic diffusers.
Matelier diffuser, $130 to $310, from Culti