Smooth Operator

What if you were told that your humble HDB could be transformed into a chic urban pad not unlike those found right in the heart of the city? Don’t believe it? Well, this 4-room HDB flat by Rezt & Relax should go a long way in changing your mind. After a major makeover, this flat is a sophisticated mélange of sleek lines and burnished finishes.
Project Type
4-room HDB
Floor Area
1,000 sqft
Text: Redzman Rahmat
Tunnel Vision
Playing up the linear arrangement of the communal spaces, the designers tied the dining area and the living area together with a single wall treatment – a dark, pigmented cement finish. The look is raw and organic and contrasts nicely with the polished wall of mirrors across the room. Accented by bands of cove lighting, the mirror wall not only serves as a feature, but also helps to create the illusion of depth.
Mirror Mirror
The use of mirrors in the home is very deliberate. Here, they are used for two purposes: to create a sophisticated and urbane look, and to help expand spaces visually. Not just used in the dining area, tinted mirrors turn the corner into the passageway to the bedrooms. Tight spaces like these really benefit from the shiny, reflective properties of mirror.
Dark Beauty
Despite its pristine, don’t-touch-me look, glossy surfaces are ideal for the kitchen. They are usually easy to clean, and make it easy to spot spills and stains. In this kitchen, dark glossy finishes also go a long way in framing a chic cooking space. Keeping things practical, frameless glass panels conceal a full-height pantry. And to balance out the dark hues, the backsplash behind the stove and wash area is kept pristine white. This way, it also reflects the cove lighting to the rest of the kitchen.
Take It Lightly
The master bedroom is pared and comforting in its simplicity. A customised bedframe features little more than an integrated uplight in its headboard. When turned on, the light bathes the wall, highlighting the subtle pattern of the wallpaper. Direct lighting is avoided in this space as the designers lean towards the softer feel of cove lighting.
Two-sided Issue
The room adjacent to the master bedroom has been converted into an efficient walk-in-wardrobe-cum-study area. Divided from the sleeping area by dark tinted glass, this space hosts an open wardrobe on one side, and a study on the other. The latter is cleverly positioned to look out the windows and away from the wardrobe for the most conducive work setting possible.
“The use of mirrors in the home is very deliberate… to create a sophisticated and urbane look, and to help expand spaces visually.”
Design by Rezt & Relax