Smeg’s delightful new Mickey Mouse collaboration

Any Disney fans in the house? This Mickey Mouse fridge is the ultimate collector’s piece – only 90 of the appliances are being made, one for each of the mouse’s 90 legendary years.

Smeg, creators of all things cute in the kitchen, has revealed its latest collaboration and it’s truly something out of a fairytale.

The Italian appliance authority has teamed up with none other than Disney for a limited-edition fridge, revealed at the London Design Festival this month.

The ultimate collector’s piece. Picture: Smeg

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The limited-edition piece is a celebration of both Smeg’s 70th anniversary and Mickey Mouse’s 90th. It features a sketched Mickey ‘reaching’ for the handle of the bright white fridge door – no doubt in hot pursuit of some cheese to nibble on.

When the brand says limited edition, it’s serious. Only 90 fridges are being produced, one for each year of the mouse’s 90 years.

Each appliance will also come with a limited-edition silver plaque signifying its unique production number.

Only 90 fridges will be produced. Picture: Smeg

The FAB28 fridge itself is one of the brand’s most iconic appliances with its signature curves and 1950s-inspired design.

Inside, it has adjustable glass shelving, metal wine racks, LED strip lighting, an ice compartment and a drawer that prolongs the life of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Desperate to get your hands on one? You’ll need to book a flight first.

The Smeg Disney Mickey Mouse fridge is available exclusively from Smeg’s flagship store in St James, London, with a price tag of £1,699. Oh, boy!

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